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ITUSThe week ended March 20 had little ups and downs that made traders jump for joy or cry in misery with most every alert issued having a +/- of double digits enough to make trading worth the while.  THCZ bounced of their midweek dip to hold their better than 150% gains over the last month while ECIG dropped nearly -39% from their high from the Friday prior and MSLP gained 78% from their lows Monday when shares dropped -68% despite reporting record net revenue growth year-over-year.  One ticker not listed in the top traded penny stocks that we’ll be watching closely this week belongs to patent squatter ITUS Corporation (ITUS).

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Top Traded Penny Stocks Friday, March 20
Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
FNMA 2.45 +2.08% 22,604,196 9,036,274 2,601
NVIV 2.90 +13.98% 5,816,838 2,064,184 1,681
FMCC 2.35 +1.73% 9,314,830 3,888,718 1,235
THCZ 0.07966 +26.98% 1,119,649 15,363,947 759
PSID 0.03 +17.65% 510,236 16,938,434 758
ANVGQ 0.117 -2.50% 395,009 3,287,790 653
ECIG 0.119 -6.67% 1,163,935 9,312,772 651
MSLP 4.95 +10.24% 1,278,627 265,146 620
PPCH 0.0174 -2.79% 527,396 29,955,987 561

The phrase “patent squatter” may sound derogatory to some, but for those familiar with Viggle Inc. (VGGL), those who need to know understand that owning patents and having the ability to fight for them is a money maker when timed correctly.  ITUS Corp. currently owns or controls eight (8) patented technologies including:

  • (i) Encrypted Cellular Communication;
  • (ii) Internet Telephonic Gateway;
  • (iii) J-Channel Window Frame Construction;
  • (iv) Key Based Web Conferencing Encryption;
  • (v) Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Display;
  • (vi) Nano Field Emission Display;
  • (vii) VPN Multicast Communications; and
  • (viii) Enhanced Auction Technologies.

ITUS banked $9,000,000 right before the end of 2014 after the Company and AU Optronics Corp. settled a lawsuit filed by the ITUS Corp. against AUO in January, 2013.  The suit focused on joint development projects in connection with the Company’s ePaper® Electrophoretic Display and Nano Field Emission Display technologies whereby AUO’s license to the Company’s patented Nano Field Emissions Display technology was terminated while AUO was assigned the Company’s ePaper® Electrophoretic Display patent portfolio.

Earlier in the week, ITUS announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, J-Channel Industries Corp., entered into a settlement agreement with Woodgrain Millwork, Inc. and The Windsor Window Company, Inc., in connection with the Company subsidiary’s patented J-Channel Window Frame Construction technology.  The news makes 31 J-Channel agreements to date since the Company began their assertion campaign in August, 2013.

July 14 is now the “pay date” for those looking to play ITUS stock.  The date for the claims construction hearing correlates with the remaining defendants from the filed/pending lawsuits, Clayton Homes and its supplier Kinro Manufacturing, owned by Clayton.

Although there isn’t any guarantee of a pay out from the upcoming suit, traders found reason to buy into ITUS stock in a heavy manner on Friday, driving the price up over 40% on the session.  Although the increased activity and price increase are showing signs of some silent bullishness, keeping a close eye on those “under 0.10” shares will be a good place for longs to be targeting.

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About ITUS Stock

ITUS Corp. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The primary operations of the Company involve the development, acquisition, licensing, and enforcement of patented technologies that are either owned or controlled by the Company. The Company currently owns or controls 8 patented technologies. Our primary source of our revenue comes from the monetization of our patented technologies, including the settlement of patent infringement lawsuits. All of our license and/or settlement agreements have provided for one time, lump sum payments to be received by the Company.

12100 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 1275
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (310) 484-5200

Authorized: 600,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 219,732,190

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
03/20/15 0.1020 0.1145 0.0970 0.1145 +0.0329 +40.32% 818,000
03/19/15 0.0925 0.0990 0.0816 0.0816 -0.0109 -11.78% 77,300
03/18/15 0.0750 0.1000 0.0750 0.0925 +0.0125 +15.63% 509,400
03/17/15 0.0800 0.0800 0.0751 0.0800 unch unch 60,800
03/13/15 0.0850 0.0850 0.0700 0.0800 unch unch 420,800


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