PIHN | Polaris International Holding’s Billions Ready For Bagging

PIHN Stock, Polaris International HoldingsTraders are gonna have their chance to line up for the penny stock of Polaris International Holdings Inc. (PIHN) come Thursday morning — one per person. Actually, since 1,635,600,000 shares of PIHN stock are supposedly restricted, each person in the world would not be able to have one share each, but it isn’t far off. Yet after the news announced just after the closing bell of a newly created strategic alliance with one of Japan’s well respected “Total Design” services companies to provide IT services to a rapidly growing Japanese restaurant chain, why not assume its a good deal since they just bounced off a 52 month low.

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PIHN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 105.69M
Close: 0.0165, -0.0035 (-17.50%)
Volume: 146,330
Dollar Volume: $2,979
High: 0.03
Low: 0.0165
Trades: 9
Average Trade Size: 16,258
Authorized: 7,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 6,405,178,466
Float: ONLY 4,769,578,066

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According to the timely PR, Polaris International Holdings projects this deal will add $400,000 in new revenues over the next year and up to $1.4 million in new revenues by the end of 2014. Based on the outstanding shares (restricted included for the purposes of this calculation only), that would be new sales in two years of $0.00021857 per share — Sign me up.

Polaris did however report revenues for the period ended June 30, 2012, Q3 accoding to their report, of $686,514 versus $1,325,419 for the same period in 2011. Accordingly, net income came in at $66,135 for the period versus $165,157 for the same period in 2011. Regardless, if you matched those numbers up to a 0.0165 priced pink sheet stock with just 10% of the current share structure of PIHN stock, maybe were in the ball park of a good trade. As it is, flip it and rip it and make sure your out before 10:30AM at the latest.

About PIHN Stock

Polaris International Holdings, Inc. through its subsidiary Staff IS CO., Ltd is an international IT provider serving many Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions and publicly traded companies.

Bottom Line: This penny stock is looking for a home. If every person in the world who trades stocks could just pick up 3 shares of PIHN, the float could find a new place to play Daiku to Oniroku (大工と鬼六). If you are a trader with some empty bags, add PIHN stock to your watchlist.

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