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PRTN Stock, PRTN Scam, OTC PRTNIt’s official! Shares in the penny stock that tried to sell Chinese made water heaters in Jamaica, Pristine Solutions (PRTN) is now a biomedical product development company. After shoving paperwork into the PR scene and allowing a non-traditional opportunity to front load on Friday, PRTN stock has already traded $3.5 million by traders who suspect this is the AwesomePennyStocks pick they have been waiting for.

Update: The “official” APS alert was sent out just after 11:00am EST. This confirms that the AwesomePennyStocks pick is PRTN. It doesnt mean however that its the same group behind the APS name as was before.

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PRTN Stock Trading Activity

Open: 0.34
Friday Close: 0.225
Volume: 28,299,014
High: 0.38
Trades: 913
Average Trade Size: 30,995

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PRYN, OTC PRTN, PRTN StockThe Company announced their acquisition of Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd., a biomedical product development company focused on women’s health solutions, was complete as of this morning. from trying to sell Chinese made water heaters in Jamaica just weeks ago, now PRTN is banking on Eaton Scientific who claims to have identified, developed, and filed a patent for a novel indication of an existing FDA approved drug, homatropine, for the non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes in pre-menopausal, pari-menopausal, and post-menopausal women.

The drug indication, that Eaton Scientific named Tropine 3, supposedly is already being prescribed and compounded by L.A. doctors for female patients who have hot flash symptoms and do not want to take hormonal treatment. They make something similar for penny stocks traders called common sense which is harder and harder to get prescribed patients to take regularly when they show symptoms of Awesome Penny Stocks addiction

 “its not the APS pick until its bannered on their site!”

Even if it is posted on the APS site today, its may not be the same group that brought back-to-back huge winners earlier this year. APS deals don’t jump more than 4% on their first or second days of trading. With PRTN gaining 50% and trading as high as 0.53 on minimal trading Friday, it doesn’t seem to be a traditional type APS play. The worst part about the PRTN scam is that not one penny of the money traded today from the greed infestation created by NSRS and SNPK will go to help women with the symptoms Eaton Scientific claims to treat.

About PRTN Stock

Pristine Solutions, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary company, Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd., holds the intellectual property and global marketing rights to Tropine 3, a patent pending novel indication of an existing FDA approved drug for the non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes in pre-menopausal, pari-menopausal, and post-menopausal women.

Bottom Line: PRTN seems to be the kool aid penny stock traders are going to start their week with, end August with, end the summer with, and take their chances on a pump and dump of epic proportions. Moral compasses should be adjusted for trading PRTN stock and prepare for a copy of VLNX to occur.

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