PVEN | Press Ventures’ BioSafety Systems Ready For Launch

If you decided to sit out the last few trading sessions while almost every penny stock on the OTC flowed red, behold the green gates of Press Ventures, Inc. (PVEN). Seeing a surge in volume equal only to the miss call from last month when a Gunn was put to the head of PVEN stock only to have APS go old school and dropped a PWEI into the portfolios of promo players. Having just, through their wholly-owned Polish subsidiary, Biosafety Systems, Inc. Sp z o.o., launched an online systems engineering application for its patented natural Cedar Leaf Oil Diffusion bacteria and virus biosafety system, how can Monday be anything but virus-free for those looking to jump the Gunn.

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Market Cap: 43.79M
Last: 0.139 ▲ +0.004 (+2.96%)
Volume: 19,278,201
Dollar Volume: $2,573,232
Open: 0.135
High: 0.155
Low: 0.125
Trades: 448
Authorized: 5 Billion
Issued and Outstanding: 315,000,000
Edward Denkiewicz: 170,000,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 51.01%
1st Resistance Point: 0.1543
1st Support Level: 0.1243

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With the threat of another $6.5 Billion catastrophe like the H7N9 bird flu breakout from earlier this year occurring, Press Ventures’ BioSaftey Systems Inc. reckons it has knocked one out of the park with their Cedar Leaf Oil to reduce the risk of food bacterial contamination. Their guess is that they have hit the nail so hard on the head that they have invited anyone willing to waste a few precious minutes to go to their site and choose one of the pre-engineered or custom configurations that will best meet their unique biosafety requirements.

The sale of F.E.A.R., False Emotions Appearing Real, may work for some of the potato and cabbage eating people who trade penny stocks, but those in the know are pessimistic that the hype can be all that it needs to be to make PVEN stock a runner. Having already been face-palmed a month ago with a false start, the need for PVEN stock to do something good in order to solidify the metaphorical shin-kicking which has been happening on Twitter and iHub has some pretty heavy reputations going toe-to-toe on this POS.

If you have never seen what a front-loading of a promo looks like, just take a look at how PVEN stock traded during the course of last week. On Monday, it took less than $1,000 to be the buyer of every share traded, about $1,200 for all of Tuesday’s shares. However, while APS simultaneously pulled their plug on PCWT and let it collapse, traders began to flock towards PVEN to the tune of over $2 million Friday as if someone had a Gunn to their head while they sat in front of their trading screens.

As this week begins and the U.S. Government continues to do the Bangkok 2-step, expecting a promotional campaign to kick off on PVEN, a massively over-priced, exuberantly stocked share bagger, is an optimistic approach, as is a deal being done to end the Government shutdown. However, President and CEO of Press Ventures, Edward Denkiewicz, said it best in Friday’s PR when he was quoted “All of this has been carefully orchestrated” meaning the lube as been applied to PVEN stock so bend over and they’ll promise to be gentle.

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About PVEN Stock

Press Ventures, Inc., through their Technology License Agreement with BioSafety Systems Sp. Z o.o., a limited liability company organized under the laws of Poland, is a development stage company which has acquired the rights to an all-natural patented essential oil disinfectant system that combats infection from molds, fungus, and airborne viruses.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PVEN.
Click here to view the website for Biosaftey Systems.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/11/13 0.1350 0.1550 0.1250 0.1390 +0.0040 +2.96% 19,278,201
10/10/13 0.1549 0.1900 0.1320 0.1350 -0.0150 -10.00% 1,765,600
10/09/13 0.1310 0.1500 0.1310 0.1500 +0.0200 +15.38% 178,800
10/08/13 0.1300 0.1300 0.1300 0.1300 unch unch 9,000
10/07/13 0.1290 0.1300 0.1290 0.1300 +0.0040 +3.17% 7,000


Bottom Line:

BDPS is due to come out with their pick on Tuesday and APS is without a gig at the moment so PVEN is surely a candidate to get picked on by one of these 2 for a ride about as long as a it takes to spell Denkiewicz backwards off the top of your head. Keep a close eye on PVEN stock, not so much for the rip of a promo, but more so for the dip when the penny stock gets dumped and bagholders are forced to average down to save face. The gains on the dip are usually better, if timed correctly, than the initial run and are a much shorter holding period as well.

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