QUES | A 200% Gain Is Due For Quest Solutions Inc.

QUESThere’s probably only a small percentage of penny stock traders that can remember back in the day when every item you purchased had a sticker price on it and barcodes meant nothing.  Nowadays, even if you find a sticke price tag on an item, the bar code is what is used to record the transfer of ownership and why companies like Quest Solution, Inc. (OTCQB: QUES) are a vital necessity in today’s technology driven society.  With proven growth and a business model that has unlimited expansion, the days are numbered for how long QUES stock can remain under $1 and on the OTC exchange.




Beginning their venture right around the same time when mobile devices began to go mainstream nearly two decades ago, Quest Solution saw the niche need for barcode reading and the software required to decipher the data efficiently.  Now in the 21st year of doing this, not only has the company become a major player in the industry, but with gross sales of $37,559,554 during the year ended December 31, 2014, expectations of another net income producing 12 months should have investors lining up to get a piece of QUES shares.

During the three months ended March 31, 2015, Quest reported gross sales of $10,712,016, roughly $1.1 million better than the $9,650,265 reported during the same period the year prior.  Just last week, the company released a statement saying that Q2, 2015 revenues were about $13.5 million, 26% better than Q1,2015 results of $10.7 million, which brings their preliminary net revenues for the six months ended June 30, 2015 to approximately $24 million with around 22% gross profit margin year to date.

Although the numbers are still only in the millions, the growth rate by which Quest Solutions is displaying would have the company reporting annual revenues greater than $100 million before the end of this decade.  The company’s expected acquisition of Viascanin the third quarter of 2015 carries together with it expected revenues of $22-$25 million.  These are some impressive top line results for a company with just 35,129,495 shares issued and outstanding as of May 1, 2015 and just celebrated their one year anniversary on the OTC after having taken over Amerigo Energy, Inc. ( AGOE).

An exciting point traders should take note of is how, in January, 2014 when the $16,000,000 of Quest Solutions was taking place, two promissory notes were issued: one for $4,969,000 and the other for $11,031,000.  Now the terms of the notes is about as favorable as you could wish for in regards to the fact that the smaller is due in February, 2016 with the larger following February, 2017, yet for any unpaid amounts, the balance may be converted into one (1) shares of QUES stock for every $1 of promissory note.  At 0.33, that’s 200% above where QUES trades at currently.

There’s a number of reasons why QUES shares deserve to be appreciated much more than they are at these low levels.  Then again, the less who know about a great thing, the less price competition there is for those who are and have been accumulating each time QUES stock breaks below the 0.33 mark.


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