Someone Please Piss On Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OGNG)

OGNG Stock, Bravo Enterprises Ltd., Splash Water For Life, Penny Stock ScamsWith weeks of penny stock alerts having done nothing to improve the share price of Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OGNG), the latest announcement proves that nothing can help put out the fire.  Stating “The threat of war and terrorism over the shortage of water is very real” and that there has been tremendous interest in the Company’s (non-existent) air-to-water machines from the Middle East, rather than Splash Water For Life, someone needs to splash some water or piss on OGNG stock before the road rash ride starts creating sparks.  After setting a new low today at 0.0804, you can expect that to continue until the POS finally catches fire and disintegrates.

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OGNG, OGNG Stock, OGNG Stock Quote, Bravo Enterprises Ltd., Splash Water For Life, Penny Stock Scams, OGNG Scam, Robert Philip Fraser, Water For The World Manufacturing Inc.OGNG Stock Quote

Market Cap: 13.71M
Last: 0.09 ▼ -0.0079 (-8.07%)
Volume: 75,222
Dollar Volume: $6,637
Open: 0.0827
High: 0.0977
Low: 0.0804
Trades: 26
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 152,356,030
14-Day Rel Strength: 30.33%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0983
1st Support Level: 0.081

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The awareness campaign for Bravo Enterprises started almost one month ago and, other than a slight peak through the clouds for a few minutes of sunshine, it’s been pissing down rains instead of gains for OGNG stock. Banking their entire pitch on a deal they signed back in late November, 2012 with Water For The World Manufacturing Inc. with respect to its commercial atmospheric water harvester system, the 9 year deal went sour on, of all days, February 14, 2014, having already broken the hearts of OGNG bagholders.

Still, even though they no longer have an agreement in place, Bravo enterprises did convince Robert Philip Fraser, a beneficial shareholder of Water For The World Manufacturing Inc., to be a consultant for a two year period and assist the Company in manufacturing the next generation Air-to-Water machines. Even with this as the “set of steak knives” award for trying to solve the world’s water issues like hundreds of other OTC listed stocks have failed to do in the past 5 years, the Company is still pushing out news which could never affect OGNG stock.

In the OGNG announcement which came out shortly after the close of trading today, Bravo Enterprises included: “Iran is facing a shortage so severe, the government is making contingency plans for rationing in the greater Tehran area, which has a population of about 22 million. Experts blame climate change, wasteful irrigation practices and a depletion of groundwater as the key factors behind the worsening shortages.”

I thought we didn’t like Iran or did I miss something?

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About OGNG Stock

Bravo Enterprises Ltd. is a development stage company which intends to manufacture and distribute air to water harvesting units worldwide.

Click here to view the SEC filings for OGNG.
Click here to view the website for Splash Water For Life.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
02/24/14 0.0827 0.0977 0.0804 0.0900 -0.0079 -8.07% 75,222
02/21/14 0.1050 0.1125 0.0850 0.0979 -0.0061 -5.87% 1,596,000
02/20/14 0.1124 0.1124 0.0840 0.1040 -0.0089 -7.88% 847,300
02/19/14 0.1185 0.1220 0.1000 0.1129 +0.0009 +0.80% 903,000
02/18/14 0.1265 0.1290 0.1010 0.1120 -0.0120 -9.68% 848,700


Bottom Line:

When wondering if the glass is half full or half empty, there is no question when it comes to OGNG stock. This is one penny stock that is so full of crap that an SEC suspension would actually be a blessing for the bagholders who got suckered into the hard mailers they received. To think that OGNG‘s non-existent air-to-water machines could have even the slightest impact on the threat of war and terrorism over the shortage of water is as moronic as thinking it’s going to bounce back before changing it’s Company name again and doing another reverse stock split.

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