Sovereign Lithium (SLCO) Is Rinsed For A Repeat

SLCO Stock, Sovereign Lithium Inc.,Great American Energy Inc.,SRBL, SRBLDThe newest lithium focused penny stock, Sovereign Lithium, Inc. (SLCO), is making an impressive mark on the OTC since changing their name and ticker from Great American Energy, Inc. (SRBL). Since announcing on Monday that it had renewed 31 claims on the Big Smokey Valley Lithium Project for another year on the basis of the results of a Gravity Survey completed in July, SLCO stock has been climbing in the backdrop to many other plays in the market. Although they appear to have little to speak of on their website, their share price is indicative of an attention grabbing pre-move for a repump in the not-so-distant future.

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SLCO Stock ChartSLCO Stock Quote

Market Cap: 38.48M
Last: 0.84 ▲ +0.175 (+26.32%)
Volume: 145,908
Dollar Volume: $115,201
Open: 0.70
High: 0.90
Low: 0.698
Trades: 133
Authorized: 1,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 45,271,689
14-Day Rel Strength: 85.36%
1st Resistance Point: 0.9273
1st Support Level: 0.7273

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Just in case you missed the pumping of SRBLD right after Great American Energy did their 1-for-2 reverse split back in July, you can get a chance to live the chase to $1 again now that it’s SLCO. Fresh off their 10-Q filing and showing an Asset to Liabilities ratio of almost 10-to-1, here are some of the highlights you can expect to hear about surrounding lithium-ion battery technologies and clean energy applications:

“… my name is Don McShane and over the past 50-plus years I have prided myself on being among the first to recognize early stage “special situations” like Sovereign Lithium.”

“… I’ve had more one-on-one air time with Larry King than any other single guest in the 52-year history of The Larry King Show.”

“America must develop its own lithium deposits. The second greatest in the entire world, America has so much recoverable lithium, not only are we about to become energy self-sufficient, we can improve our balance of trade by exporting lithium to the rest of the world!”

“With my reputation on the line, I’m more than willing to tell you that I believe Sovereign Lithium Inc. could emerge as the long-term lithium super-stock!”

“Buy shares of SLCO now while you can still get them for around $1.00 a share and history tells us you could turn $10,000 into $116,057 in the next 8 months!”

Since the beginning of the month, all of that information would have already made a trader over 150% on SLCO stock. However, now that the teeth are showing as it approaches $1 and a simple search can get you to, SLCO still could pop over that $1 level. Once the trading activity really picks up, there is just one action you can expect to see happen – churn it like butte and keep it within an 8% swing.

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About SLCO Stock

Sovereign Lithium, Inc. is a development stage mineral exploration and development company dedicated to responsibly identifying, acquiring and developing mineral assets in America and U.S. friendly countries.

Click here to view the SEC filings for SLCO.
Click here to view the website for Sovereign Lithium

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
11/13/13 0.7000 0.9000 0.6980 0.8400 +0.1750 +26.32% 144,908
11/12/13 0.6400 0.7000 0.5500 0.6650 +0.0250 +3.91% 94,100
11/11/13 0.6000 0.6400 0.5600 0.6400 +0.1000 +18.52% 69,900
11/08/13 0.5300 0.6000 0.5300 0.5400 -0.0100 -1.82% 82,900
11/07/13 0.4500 0.5600 0.4500 0.5500 +0.0700 +14.58% 112,300


Bottom Line:

If you’re a penny stock trader who only goes for the $1 plays, SLCO is right up your alley. With MDDD and ENIP already in week’s 2 and 3, the dusting off of the hard mailers that didn’t go out on SRBLD could soon start arriving once the liquid paper has been applied and SLCO replaces it.

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