Sunpeaks Ventures’ Stock (SNPK) Headed Towards a Penny

We, at, have been tracking the shares in the penny stock of Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (OTC: SNPK) since March 8th. On March 8, 2012, 159.87 Million shares were introduced on the OTC exchange with a price of 43 cents. Between March 8th and April 18th, hundreds of millions of dollars were traded on the penny stock as it rose to its peak of $2.40, a percentage gain of 458%.

Many day traders and investors flocked to SNPK on the music played by the well known marketing campaigners to take their chances at making a couple dollars, couple hundred dollars, couple thousand dollars, and, for some, even a million which has been verified by multiple sources. We called it early, but we didn’t want our readers and subscribers to be victim of the dump which was due to come on SNPK.

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Yet as the price soared closer to the $2 level, many newer investors were attracted to the penny stock as it was gaining massive attention from all areas with their almost daily news announcements of contract signings and agreements. Above that, anyone checking the daily stock market reports could see that SNPK was at the top of the leader board in dollar volume, executed trades, share volume, and sometimes in percentage gains.

At this time, another article was released which was titled as clear as one could say it:
Buy Sunpeaks Ventures Penny Stock SNPK Now and Lose

SNPK Stock Chart:

A few of the News alerts which came out on SNPK during the run from March 8th: (most recent first)

• Sunpeaks Ventures Signs Advertising Agreement for Clotamin with CBS Radio WFAN 660AM
• Sunpeaks Ventures  announced that it is associating with the Dayton Dragons baseball team and placing Clotamin in about 90 Walgreens locations in the Cincinatti-Dayton district.
• Sunpeaks Ventures signs advertising and promotion agreement with another major sports team.
• Clotamin to be sold in all 240 Walgreens locations across Arizona.
• Sunpeaks Ventures entered agreement with a UK based heathcare firm to introduce Clotamin to the UK and European Union countries.
• Sunpeaks Ventures receives $9 price target, and STRONG BUY recommendation by Small Cap Investment Research.
• Sunpeaks Ventures (in a first move to expand to international markets) announced an LOI to export Clotamin to top pharmacies in Russia. The initial roll out will be into 414 Imperia-Pharma locations in the country.
• Sunpeaks Ventures Inks Sponsorship and Marketing Agreement with Portland Trail Blazers, Clotamin to be sold at 79 Walgreens locations throughout Oregon and Southern Washington.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that the AACSA could carry Clotamin into up to 11,200 stores in the next 36 months! With 1,200 stores “trial” to start shortly.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced a sales and marketing agreement with Acosta is a major milestone for SNPK because Acosta has developed relationships with the nation’s largest retailers.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Clotamin will be available at 57 Winn-Dixie stores across South Florida.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Clotamin is now available online nationwide at Walgreen’s.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Clotamin will be sold at Tropical supermarkets in South Florida.
Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Clotamin will be sold at Bravo supermarkets in South Florida.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Clotamin will be sold at approximately 70 Drug Mart locations in Ohio.
• Sunpeaks Ventures ‘s Clotamin will also be sold at over 34 Sedano’s stores in Florida.
Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Clotamin will be sold at Navarro Discount Pharmacies.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Dakota Drug Inc. is a distributor for Clotamin.

For Clotamin to become a well known brand name, SNPK made the following moves:

• Sunpeaks Ventures entered into an agreement with NBA super star Paul Silas to be the national spokesperson for Clotamin.
• Sunpeaks Ventures announced that Steve Procko Productions (SPP) produced a commercial for Clotamin (it can be viewed on SNPK’s website).
• Sunpeaks Ventures then announced that they will begin a national advertising campaign on TV.

Bottom Line: In any case, as Newton proved, what goes up must come down if nothing is there to support it. Hence the crash of the penny stock, SNPK.

Which wil rise and fall like the Roman Empire next? SEFE? DIDG? LUXR? Only time will tell but millions will be made during that time.


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