Support the Penny Stock of SoupMan Inc. (SOUP) in Tokyo

The Original SoupMan, SoupMan, Inc. (OTCBB: SOUP.OB), the long-adored and highly acclaimed soup brand made famous from an episode in Seinfeld, recently attended the N.Y. Foods Street Event in Yokahama, Japan. Shares in the penny stock of SoupMan Inc. (SOUP) closed up 0.08, 10.39%, at $0.85 in the last trading session. Only 10,000 shares traded but with the quality product that SoupMan offers and the fact that they are less than one month from having begun to have their product side-by-side to Campbell’s, expect to start hearing more great things in the near future about this “delicious” penny stock.

The N.Y. Foods Street Event in Yokahama, Japan was sponsored by Sakai Foods as well as Sogo, the upscale department store chain. The Original SoupMan was invited to participate in the event by international export company, Sakai Foods. The Original SoupMan Inc. shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol SOUP.OB.

Sakai Foods is a Japanese importer of successful American brands to Japan. Sakai Foods is planning to do the exact same for The Original SoupMan and seek to make the brand a fixture in the Japanese food and beverage industry.

The relationship between The Original SoupMan and Sakai Foods is expected to give Japanese consumers direct access to the famous hot soups in 2012 via the opening in Tokyo’s Central Train Station terminal of the first Original SoupMan international location.

In a move that allows The Original SoupMan a greater introduction in the global $10+ billion soup category, this first Original SoupMan international location is expected to not only introduce its famous soups to this new market but lead the way for the subsequent introduction of the Original SoupMan new, shelf-stable carton soups for supermarkets throughout Japan in the future.

Sakai Foods has extensive experience in all aspects of promoting and exporting frozen, chilled and shelf-stable products internationally. Now, the export trading company will be responsible for overseeing international logistics, marketing and distribution of The Original SoupMan food products, including both retail and food service goods throughout Japan.

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