SUTI Stock Alert: Triple Digit Gains Expected from SUTIMCo

The penny stock of SUTIMCo International Inc. (SUTI) is on high alert while the shares are priced at just 0.0075. With no news out since May 29, 2012, SUTIMCo, saw just 2.34 million shares trade on Monday, a fraction of what will be trading Tuesday on the PinkSheets listed a holding company. If SUTI stock is not on your list of penny stocks to watch today, chances are, you could have missed out on triple digit, or more, gains.

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SUTI Stock Chart

Market Cap: $256,149 a/o Jul 23, 2012
As of March 31, 2012
Authorized Share: 950,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 33,703,880
Float: 3,223,129

5 Day Percent Change: -36.67%
5 Day Moving Average: 0.0105
5 Day Average Volume: 2,361,416

200 Day Percent Change: -94.93%
200 Day Moving Average: 0.0825
200 Day Average Volume: 255,136

Claiming to be a leading edge, multi-project business development enterprise that creates new technology companies from patented university innovation, SUTIMCo is working to fund and operate three Business Units:

• Quality of Life
• Environmental Technologies (includes AquaStar Corporation)
• Alternative Energy

The Company has it hands in a number of start-up company cookie jars. Basically, SUTIMCo Inc. is in the business of building businesses, and changing the paradigm of technology commercialization. Translation: Does it really matter.

The four companies SUTI currently has a hand in are:

AquaStar Corporation: A completely green air conditioner that can produce ultra-high cooling efficiency without the hazardous refrigerant chemicals while saving electricity and cleaning the air.

Wildcap Energy Storage Devices Inc.: A wind turbine design that can produce more energy at half the cost of conventional wind turbines.

CapWave Sensors: A rapid, sensitive, and portable Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) platform for use anywhere antibody based testing can be done, taking just 22 minutes from start to finish, up to 4 times more sensitive and is the size of a shoebox.

Xpert Technologies Inc.:  An adaptive decision manager which minimizes the gap between predictive analytics and decision management by offering real-time decision agility and performance improvement with more informed, timely and insightful solutions in a wide and deep range of business needs.

About SUTI Stock

SUTIMCo International, Inc. is a holding company, which utilizes a unique and established platform to launch new technology enterprises based on world-class university research discoveries. The Company,through its wholly owned subsidiary SUTIMCo, Inc., provides experienced management to early stage companies, reducing risk and assuring the know-how in launching and growing a new company. In addition to this skilled management team, SUTIMCo can avail itself of the encyclopedic, informal knowledge of the inventor, his experience and his research team.

Bottom Line: SUTIMCO’s SUTI must be on your list of penny stocks to watch / trade today and for the duration of the month. With Today as the first day for the public awareness campaign on , gains could reach quadruple digits before the second half of the trading session. With only 3.2 Million shares float and 33.7 Million outstanding according to, SUTI is a no brainer!

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