SVEN | Double PR Issued To Prevent Superior Ventures Crash

OTC SVEN, SVEN stock, Sven Shares, Superior Ventures, SVEN scamThe dip that traders were looking for on day three of the Awesome Penny Stocks pump of Superior Venture Corp. (OTC:SVEN) wasn’t low enough to trap educated traders.  Expecting to see SVEN stock hit the teens at some time yesterday, the 0.275 low of the day just wasn’t enough to force those who were trying to decide between playing it again or remaining patient since the dip is coming. With last night and today’s PR about an $8 million deal and some financing though their subsidiary, Ilustrato Pictures, shorts are ready to attack and the patient will be rewarded in kind who look to play the bounce.

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Market Cap: 148.80M
Close: 0.293, down -0.034 (-10.40%)
Volume: 19,127,723
Dollar Volume: $5,705,831
High: 0.335
Low: 0.275
Trades: 3,037
Average Trade Size: 6,298

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The double-barell PR issuance is a clear indications that fresh fish are expected to take the bait while the shorts prepare to attack. SVEN stock price showed enough stability on Thursday that the untrained eye would think that any spike will be the last chance for them to get in cheap. However, those who have seen the past performances of APS picks know better.

One thing to take note of which went circulating around yesterday is that Suretrader supposedly is said to be switching clearing firms. Due to the effect that it will have on reflected trades, word is that they are asking that no trader hold overnight positions after the close of trade today due to the switch. Because of that alone, SVEN is surely set up for a nice dip today and could be a bargain in the teens which is sure to bring in the veterans who know how to profit off an APS pick.

As the SVEN stock scam progresses, look at all the newly popular faces because of this pump (see here).

About SVEN Stock

Superior Venture Corp. was covered in detail by us on November 10, 2012. (see here)

Last 4 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/29/12 0.2930 -0.0340 -10.40% 19,127,701
11/28/12 0.3270 +0.0120 +3.81% 29,708,699
11/27/12 0.3150 +0.2165 +219.80% 126,648,492
11/12/12 0.0985 -0.0015 -1.50% 10,000

Bottom Line: The penny stock traders who now how to play the bounce are going to make a ton of cash sometime today by getting in SVEN at far lower than the 0.275 experienced on Thursday. Since even some of the newsletters who can’t pick stocks unless someone pays them to send out on are fed up with pig sellers hiring them, even they have opted to email out on SVEN stock to help pad their stats. The old adage “follow the money” could play in the favor of any educated trader on this deal.

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