SVEN | Ilustrato Pictures: Chinese Version Of Boiler Room?

SVEN Stock, Superior Venture Corporation, Ilustrato Pictures Ltd.Unless you live in the real world where everything happens for a reason, you may have noticed that Superior Venture Corp. (SVEN) is on fire today. As many of our VIP members were made aware this morning, 10,000 shares of SVEN stock traded yesterday which was a clear indication that something was about to kick off. As many who were in the VIP room at the opening bell know, the 10am kickoff of SVEN shares let some eager beavers to grab a hold of their nuts real tight and jump in for as low as 0.135.

Needless to say, many traders would hold their nuts as well had they jumped in blind not knowing it was going to be the SVEN stock scam that Awesome Penny Stocks pick to end 2012 with.

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Market Cap: 149.82M
Last: 0.2965, up 0.198 (201.02%)
Volume: 104,355,179
Dollar Volume: $23,443,846
High: 0.315
Low: 0.135
Trades: 4,035
Average Trade Size: 25,863

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We liked the Superior Venture Corp. structure when we first covered it back on November 10. Makes no difference being so early since the first trade didnt go through until yesterday for 10,000 shares total. Just wait though until the first press release comes out and all the traders who weren’t able to be at their desk today see this one tonight. Boy ‘oh boy, SVEN stock is gonna be a fun ride for the next two weeks plus. Strap in or strap it on, either way, the money is on the table.

One thing for sure is a whole lot of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish dudes named Sven are being tweeted and emailed about right now. However, consider this: APS supposedly spent a ton of money on an Asian marketing plan over ever since they acquired from GekkoGordie or whatever that guy’s name is who moved everything to Hey, $5 million will make you do things. But with Ilustrato Pictures being all Chinese focused on movie making with guaranteed or assisted funding from the Chinese government according to their SEC filings and big screen time, this could be another SNPK which breaks $2. Can it do it before the Christmas break is the question.

About SVEN Stock

Superior Venture Corp., through their acquisition of  Ilustrato Pictures Ltd., a Canadian company created for the development of feature theatrical films to be financed and distributed domestically by Chinese production companies,  plans to earn revenues in China and from worldwide film sales through entertainment mediums such as the movie theatre box-office, DVDs and pay-per-view television channels. The company will also provide movie pre-production services, which include writing original scripts, directing, and educating Chinese film companies on special effects and various film techniques. The company has made partnerships, agreements, and plans with various Chinese movie production companies to fund and co-develop featured films in China.

Click here to view the SEC filings for SVEN, here for their wbsite.

Bottom Line: Thirteen people emailed in within 30 minutes when SVEN stock began lighting up the screens asking the clown question: “Is the SVEN shares a pump and dump?” or even better was “Is the penny stock SVEN a scam?” — Nah, its on the internet so it must be true. We do think this time though it will finally hit a dollar, something that hasn’t since GWBU.

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