Sweet Deal: Stevia Nutra Corp. (STNT) Stock IPO’d Today

Remember AAA Best Car Rental Inc. (OTC: AAAB)? Probably not. Well on January 11th they executed a 15:1 Forward Stock Split and then on March 17th changed their name and ticker symbol to Stevia Nutra Corp. (OTC: STNT). STNT stock is going to be one to add to the list of penny stocks to watch and monitor closely tomorrow, especially due to the huge gains that similar companies like Stevia Corp. (OTC: STEV) and Stevia First Corp. (OTC: STVF) when they first came onto the market.

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We have had good success spotting penny stocks that have had suspicious activity in the past which is why we want to bring Stevia Nutra, STNT, to your attention. STNT stock just started trading today out of nowhere with some decent size trades going through. We noticed a 50K, 72K, 88K, and another 50K block all of which traded between 0.81 – 0.90. STNT stock closed at 0.90  with dollar volume of $1,375,823, 1,543,934 shares, on 264 executed trades.

The tactic many have used lately as just recently noticed with FMNL yesterday, is that the price will drop in order to chase away the front loaders. The main focus point for STNT in the coming days will be that it does not drop below the levels that most of today’s trades were executed at; the  0.81 – 0.85 range. If this is going to be a big budget penny stock anytime soon, there is no reason for STNT stock to drop below that range.

BMIC seems to be the Market Maker running the show today on Level II. They need to be watched closely with their bid/ask levels. AUTO & MAXM also appeared to have sold some large blocks of shares as well today at the ask.

About Stevia Nutra Corp.:

According to the 10-Q filed on March 15th for the quarterly period ended January 31, 2012, their were 76.5 million common shares issued and outstanding as of March 12, 2012. Note: On January 11, 2012, the Company increased the authorized number of common shares from 75 million common shares to 200 million common shares and effected a forward split of the Company’s issued and outstanding shares on a basis of 15 for 1. Upon effect of the forward split, the Company’s issued and outstanding shares of common stock increased from 10.4 million to 156 million shares of common stock.

Stevia Nutra Corp. was incorporated in the State of Nevada on April 30, 2010 as AAA Best Car Rental Inc. On January 4, 2012, the Company underwent a change of control where the former President and Director of the Company sold 120 million post-split common shares to a company controlled by the current President and Director of the Company, Brian Dicks. In addition to the private sale of common shares, the Company and its Board of Directors changed its name to Stevia Nutra Corp. and changed its principal operations from the business of car rental to focusing on the business of cultivation, development and post-harvest processing of Stevia plants for use as a sweetener.

Subsequent Events

a) On March 9, 2012, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Mighty Mekong Agro Industries Co., Ltd., entered into and closed a Lease Agreement with Sara Ramany, a resident of Cambodia, for the lease of 20 hectares of land in the Kampong Speu Province of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The land is intended to be used in agricultural production, and more specifically in the cultivation and propagation of Stevia plants.

b) On March 9, 2012, the President and Director of the Company returned 80 million common shares to Treasury, and were effectively cancelled.

c) On March 5, 2012, the Company issued 500,000 common shares for consulting services.

Keep up with the SEC filings of STNT stock here. For more information on Stevia Nutra, visit their website www.stevianutra.com

Bottom Line: The penny stock of Stevia Nutra Corp. demands monitoring since big budget promos have made people some big money on other “Stevia” stocks in the past 6 months. STVF was one we caught on day one, similar to STNT, and went from .85 to $3.28 which is better than finding out about it when its already at $1.85 like most people did.

Remember, when guessing on these newly issued penny stocks, there is a ton of risk involved because everything is speculation and subject to message board rumor spreaders. Always have a tight stop loss in place and monitor the trading activity closely. Trade responsibly because, like we all experienced recently with RARS, playing a stock like STNT which had no liquidity until today could be subject to a lot of manipulation.

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