SWET | Solar Wind Energy Tower To Do What SEFE Couldn’t?

SWET Stock, SWET.PK. SWET Stock Quote, Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc.There is some hot air blowing up the skirt of Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET) after some “Hot Tip” penny stock alerts were issued pre-market today. Falling from grace when it topped out at .06 in late March, the inventor of a large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity is praying you won’t remember SEFE when thinking about buying SWET stock with the intentions of going long. With the news of their newest patent filing, “Atmospheric Energy Extraction Devices and Methods”, chances are traders will get some immediate response in the form of green percentage gains off this green energy play.

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SWET Stock Quote

Market Cap: 5.35M
Last: 0.018 ▲ 0.001 (5.88%)
Volume: 130,410
Open: 0.02
High: 0.021
Low: 0.018
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 297,087,778
14-Day Rel Strength: 47.94%
14-Day Stochastic: 44.44%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0198
1st Support Level: 0.0156

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Since changing their name from Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. , Solar power has had no positive effect on the diluting company’s PPS as of yet. A small spark of lightning struck once in late March sending SWET shares surging to .06, but everyone in penny stock land knows that if lightning struck once in one place, it’s likely to strike again.

SWET has been on a slow rolling fall from the .06 glimmer it showed in late March and did little to help itself when the Q filing came out for Solar Wind Energy Tower on May 13th. Cash: $25,369 (Better); Total Assets: $33,313 (Betterm but still pathetic); Total Current Liabilities: $3,186,492 (Nearly 2x the amount from December 31, 2012).

The news from last week of their patent filing was overshadowed by their need for cash when Typenex Co-Investment, LLC signed an agreement to get $500,000 in convertible notes. While SWET may look like it’s in for a SWEET bounce, don’t SWEAT the small stuff and play the bounce before running away from the lighting strikes.

About SWET Stock

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. is a development stage company focused on commercializing a number of proven, validated technologies and construction systems into a single large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure, thus becoming a leading provider of clean, efficient energy at a reasonable cost, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for tomorrow’s electrical power needs.

Click here to view the SEC filings for SWET.
Click here to view the website for Solar Wind Energy Tower.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/24/13 0.0170 -0.0030 -15.00% 3,634,400
05/23/13 0.0200 -0.0010 -4.76% 3,564,800
05/22/13 0.0210 -0.0020 -8.70% 355,800
05/21/13 0.0230 +0.0015 +6.98% 406,500
05/20/13 0.0215 +0.0005 +2.38% 405,200


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Bottom Line:

SWET is cheap enough to want to add to the list of penny stocks to watch this week. While it’s not gonna test .06 or even .05, swings on SWET stock between .015 and .03 could make for a fun way to spend the shortened trading week.

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