TGWI | Tenguy World International And The 1.75 Billion Shares

TGWI Stock, Tenguy World InternationalPrior to Monday’s open, Tenguy World International Inc. (TGWI) announced their new business plan as they now plan to pursue oil-drilling projects in the U.S. This new direction is an amazing leap from motivational and performance training and education conducted throughout Japan, and publishes a wide range of instructional books and multimedia CDs. Regardless, some of the 1.75 billion shares of TGWI stock were loaded on the market Friday for what is likely to be a 9:30am alert one of these days.

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TGWI Stock, Tenguy World InternationalTGWI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 18.54M Pre-Market: 0.046
Friday Stats:
Volume: 150,000
High: 0.046
Low: 0.045
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,753,050,369
Float: 1,007,230

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Just last week, Tenguy World finally became compliant with OTC Markets Alternative Reporting Standard and Guidelines and had the “Yield” sign removed from their Pinksheets listed stock, TGWI. According to their financial filings with OTC Markets, in May 2012 the majority interest of the Company was purchased by Riverside Development Management, Inc., which is a private corporation engaged in oil and gas exploration and drilling. Riverside purchased its majority interest from the current CEO and Director of the Company.

Now, TGWI is an oil drilling company engaged in a project located in Wyoming, which involves us partnering with a turbine energy company, a water treatment plant that will deploy their most recent technology to treat and purify water on the drill site and the State of Wyoming.   Wow! That and a bag of chips!

About TGWI Stock

Tenguy World International, Inc, was previously focused on motivational and performance training and education conducted throughout Japan, and publishes a wide range of instructional books and multimedia CDs. Now, Tenguy World International is a full service oil company that was organized to purse oil-drilling projects and innovative technologies used for oil and gas exploration throughout the United States.

Bottom Line: TGWI has all the signs for a Psycho penny stock alert. If you aren’t familiar with them, they have triple and quadruple digit percentage gains for the first 2 minutes of the trading session and then trade flat. TGWI should be on the list to watch but let it open first before getting caught with your Tenguy out.

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