The CannaBusiness Group (CBGI) Scores A Pot Grower

CBGI Stock, The CannabisGroup Inc., Marijuana Stocks To BuyIt’s been only 2 weeks since the penny stock that’s changed it’s name more often than a woman changes clothes, Muscle Warfare International, Inc. (MWAR), and traders can’t get enough of The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. (CBGI). Instantly becoming an overnight sensation after announcing today that it has a tenant that is a state licensed California medical marijuana cultivator, the issuance of $275,000 worth of CBGI stock is a mere drop in the bucket for the A.D.D. shell of a company. If they do actually make a buck off of this Butte County, California property acquisition, there’s no telling how high the money stacks could pile up to.

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CBGI, CBGI Stock, The CannabisBusiness Group Inc., CBGI Stock Quote, Marijuana Stocks On The Move, Marijuana Stocks To Buy, Cannabis Stocks, Pot StocksCBGI Stock Quote @ 10:37

Market Cap: 9.16M
Last: 0.092 ▲ +0.058 (+170.59%)
Volume: 11,794,970
Dollar Volume: $1,014,115
Open: 0.0452
High: 0.13
Low: 0.041
Trades: 714
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 106,576,893
14-Day Rel Strength: 89.63%
1st Resistance Point: 0.1303
1st Support Level: 0.0413

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After getting approval for a 3-for-1 stock split by FINRA in January, Muscle Warfare International changed its name to The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. and left the sports nutrition industry to join the plethora of new companies that are selling the idea that they can make it in the growing marijuana sector. It’s a good thing they did because they weren’t very good at selling sports supplements having netted $950,321 in sales as of September 30, 2013 with costs involved of those sales totaling $84O,22O making the gross profit before G&A expenses a measly $110,101.

The move into acquiring and leasing land to pot cultivators is a similar business plan as to what Cannabis-Rx, Inc. (CANA) has. Find some land where growing pot is legal, acquire it and lease it out.

As with most of the pink sheet stocks that recently converted from failed business models to hyped up marijuana stocks, The CannaBusiness Group has little details to go on other than the few PR’s that have been issued. What is worth noting are the 3 pages worth of shares that were issued in debt conversions prior to the 3-for-1 stock split and the 506 offering, looking to raise $2 million, Muscle Warfare was looking to raise back in October.

They said they retired 104,176,805 shares prior to the stock split, but how many did they issue since to pay off the $3,344,69 worth of liabilities they still had on their books prior to becoming The CannaBusiness Group? Doesn’t really matter as long as you got into CBGI stock at anything under 0.05 does it?.

CBGI, CBGI Stock, The CannabisBusiness Group Inc., CBGI Stock Quote, Marijuana Stocks On The Move, Marijuana Stocks To Buy, Cannabis Stocks, Pot Stocks

About CBGI Stock

The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. , f/k/a Muscle Warfare International, Inc. until February, 2014, Embark Holdings, Inc. until June, 2013, and Godfather Media, Inc. until August, 2012, is now a development stage company determined to become strategic real estate acquirers, leasers, and managers with a primary focus on zoning issues.

Click here to view the financial filings for CBGI.
Click here to view the website for The CannaBusiness Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/05/14 0.0380 0.0410 0.0340 0.0340 -0.0020 -5.56% 1,759,500
03/04/14 0.0398 0.0400 0.0345 0.0360 -0.0005 -1.37% 4,347,200
03/03/14 0.0347 0.0420 0.0321 0.0365 +0.0046 +14.42% 3,213,700
02/28/14 0.0310 0.0348 0.0299 0.0319 +0.0021 +7.05% 5,309,500
02/27/14 0.0249 0.0348 0.0231 0.0298 +0.0083 +38.60% 9,714,700


Bottom Line:

The momentum that hit this ticker changer, stock splitter today is just another example of how going “green” can make money when timed correctly. Pretty much any penny stock, like CBGI, the enters into the marijuana sector has it’s shining moments and today it belongs to them.

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