Therapeutics Solutions International (TSOI) Wakes Up

Being a subpenny and issuing a press release was all it took for traders to jump onto Therapeutics Solutions International, Inc., (OTC PINK: TSOI) and ride it like a ski lift. Announcing today that the supplement products providers filed for a patent application covering the use of their ProJuvenol™ product, along with some others, so they could be used for testing with some existing cancer drugs forced TSOI shares out of the closet and into the spotlight – skyrocketing over 600% before anyone could say “what’s for lunch?”

While the focus of the patent filing and testing will be to see if their ProJuvenol, synergistic blend of complex anti-aging ingredients inspired by nature to help promote cellular rejuvenation, could help reduce oxidative stress produced by cancer cells, the one-and-done blip on the radar looks a lot like how  Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RCHA) screamed onto the OTC back in early February.


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The day before RCHA stock took flight, Therapeutics Solutions announced they were just about to launch their e-commerce which would host their three supplement products:


ProJuvenol™ is a powerful synergistic blend of complex anti-aging ingredients inspired by nature to help promote cellular rejuvenation and healthy functionality for everyday living, based upon pterostilbene, one of nature’s unique and intelligent antioxidants/anti-inflammatories. ProJuvenol includes a scientifically valid blend of interactive ingredients with anti-aging and cellular protective properties to help support optimal health and provide the benefits of mental alertness and physical well-being.

T-Rx™ is formulated to assist in increasing your testosterone levels. The result is an increase in testosterone levels, which assist in adding lean muscle mass, bone density, increased energy and the reduction of fat.

Vital™ is designed for women to increase energy, increase bone density, reduce fat and improve muscle tone. Additionally Vital will optimize hormone levels increase libido and decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety.


Two months after the announcement, the site was launched and ProJuvenol was ready to be purchased for all of those looking for a non-FDA approved version of the Fountain of Youth in pill form.  Sales immediately, well we don’t know, because Therapeutics Solutions hasn’t filed a financial report with the SEC since the three month period ended September 30, 2013.  They have, however, been filing Form 4’s and the 8K in December which detailed their deal with Robert F. Graham which cost them 100,000,000 unregistered restricted shares of TSOI stock.

Moving on to other runners, Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (OTC: ATTBF), a medical marijuana company focused on growing in-house product portfolios, and 3DX Industries, Inc. (OTC:DDDX), a precision manufacturing company utilizing a state-of-the-art 3D metal printing system to produce a wide range of products for the aerospace, energy, medical and manufacturing industries, are both putting up some unusual volume, producing some positive momentum for now.  ATTBF shares, 0.075, are up 25% on the session thus far, while DDDX stock, 0.05, is up 43.27%.

It’s almost encouraging to see that TSOI stock has run as high as it has, holding at present around 0.0179 (up 539%), that less than 27 million shares have traded.  It’s quite common for a one-and-done to blow through their entire OS and then some when percentage gains get this high which could be a sign that a day two continuance might be on the horizon.


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