Timbaland Takes EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) To The Top

eqlbMonday’s trading session got jump started with some bullishness from two penny stocks in the energy drink sector.  Long time runner High Performance Beverages Co. (TBEV) has kept its torch as the top traded penny stock to start the morning, but hot on its heels was new comer, EQ Labs, Inc. (OTC PINK: EQLB), who announced their first news in nearly 5 months.  With rap mogul Timbaland now said to be partnered and having mentioned that he’s “been working diligently on this new partnership for almost a year,” EQLB stock could be in for the run of its life as it joins the top traded OTC stocks to start the week.

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Top Penny Stocks Traded (as of 11:24am)

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
TBEV 0.0023 +35.29 326,712 152,511,242 447
CESX 0.92 -8.00 352,408 335,582 334
ZQKSQ 0.015 +7.91 106,356 7,329,893 234
FNMA 2.215 -0.67 1,013,156 459,604 219
EQLB 0.0023 +91.67 97,153 51,194,897 216
ATHI 0.0008 +33.33 62,755 72,047,067 213
CAFS 0.10 +11.11 152,869 1,470,240 202
APSI 0.785 +4.95 238,314 307,385 181
AMBS 2.25 +9.76 161,421 67,026 161
HCTI 0.0047 +23.68 61,639 13,587,528 155
AREN 0.146 +29.20 83,854 629,652 149
CTIX 1.693 -5.94 367,944 214,359 149
GTATQ 0.2341 +10.69 314,552 1,329,215 145
AVXL 1.40 +0.72 280,826 203,976 143


Just prior to the opening bell, EQ Labs dropped some knowledge, stating how proud they were to announce having finalized a partnership with Grammy award winning rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland.  Manufacturing and distributing energy drink products the “LAST SHOT” ready to go 5.5oz Hangover Protection, 3 in 1 Energize, Hydrate, Detox mixable cold beverage and the EQ Energy Tab, a deal with Timbaland, who has 17 Grammys and worked with artists like Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, One Republic, and Ginuwine, could be a huge score for the already growing company.

Noting firstly how, on August 11, 2015, EQ Labs filed amended articles of incorporation so as to increase the authorized common shares to 990,000,000, there are 790,000,000 shares of EQLB issued and outstanding (per the last fins filed).  During the six months period ended June 30, 2015, Eq Labs issued 46,000,000 shares of EQLB stock for $62,000 in cash ($0.00135 per share).

During the three months ended June 30, 2015, EQ Labs reported revenues of Revenue $125,510 which resulted in net income of $62,361.  Why they didn’t make an announcment about it is unknown because, in April, the last news published, the Company thought it was important to announce a deal with LiveWell, LLC about plans to enter into an exclusive licensing sales agreement to sell proprietary Health and Wellness Products through their internationally patented water bottle delivery system – an industry worth $13 billion dollar in the U.S.

The top spot, in reagrds to trades executed, still belongs to High Performance Beverage Co. (TBEV) who is due to launch their product later this week, September 18.  With a few more days to go, TBEV stock should stay up there and test the 3’s before Friday, while EQLB stock could be in for some serious social media and further updates to keep it going.

Find out more about EQLB shares here: $EQLB



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