TMM, Inc. (TMMI) Is Worth A Good Look – Literally

TMMI Stock TMM Inc.Most every investor knows that penny stocks can be one of the best places to make a lot of money very quickly. Seeking out real companies that do real things with real products can sometimes be an easy way to make money over a longer period rather than looking for a ticker to flip. Well, we came across TMM, Inc. (TMMI) during the new year break and found some interesting reasons why TMMI stock deserves its place on everyone’s watchlist for 2015.

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TMMI Stock Quote as of Wed, Dec 31st, 2014
High 0.0650 Low 0.0558
Open 0.0604 Prev Close 0.0600
Volume 84,440 Avg Volume 184,590
52Wk High (5/21/14) 0.25 52Wk Low (12/30/14) 0.0471
P/E Ratio N/A Market Cap 16.01M
14-Day Rel Strength 40.26% 14-Day Stochastic 33.94%


When you watch a video, it’s easy to take for granted all the work and effort that went in to not only capture what you’re viewing, but to make it compressed enough so that transferring and relaying it can be done efficiently at the highest level. TMM Inc. has been working on just that, making files smaller while improving their quality, since 1990.

A quick scan of the Company’s most recent financial update, the period ended September 30, 2014, shows a cash rich, healthy balance sheet that has been funded by private placements well above the current TMMI price per share. With $592,461 in current assets, $500,104 of which was cash in the bank, the $300,627 in total liabilities, none of which were notes payable, makes TMMI stock seem a solid bet.

A look deeper at how the Company has been staying afloat without any revenues shows how units of TMMI stock have been sold for the last 3 years at $0.10 with most of the attached warrants exercisable at $0.15 – both showing a good chance for TMMI stock to appreciate from it’s current PPS. A cause for concern could arise however since, in March, 2013, the Company and its subsidiary, Digital Focus, Inc. (DFI), filed a lawsuit in the Clark County, Nevada District Court to protect and resolve their respective rights as to certain of their intellectual property and technology.

What kinda makes TMMI stock attractive at its current PPS dates back to May, 2014 when the Company announced entering into a joint research program with Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) to test their TRUDEF™ video compression technology. Although no updates have surfaced since the initial PR, applications in the fields of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance were due to be tested in an effort to reduce bandwidth costs and improve image quality.

Teaming up with a big board listed Company is usually one of the first indications that something big is due to come. During the course of 2014, TMMI stock had just one spike in volume (the day after the RTN JRP announcement) as it trended between 0.12 and 0.25 for the first 6 months of 2014. From July to mid-October, TMMI shares had an unwarranted slide down to as low as 0.052 before offering a multi-week bounce back up to 0.09, still on relatively low volume.

The recent bounce of their 52 week low, 0.0471, set on the second to last trading session of the year offers a fresh look at what could be a nice play heading into the first quarter of 2015. The most recent announcement from December 4 about the Company entering into a joint sales and marketing agreement with Geppetto Avatars, Inc. to advance the sale of TRUDEF™ video compression technology could spell revenues in the coming quarters.

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About TMMI Stock

TMM, Inc. engages in developing a fractal based video compression and decompression (codec) software under the TRUDEF name. The company also owns VDK SoftVideo fractal compression technology that utilizes fractal video compression and decompression algorithms originally licensed from Iterated System Inc.

Click here to view the filings for TMMI.
Click here to view the website for TMM Inc.

Authorized: 750,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 284,420,200

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
12/31/14 0.0604 0.0650 0.0558 0.0564 -0.0036 -6.00% 84,400
12/30/14 0.0520 0.0600 0.0471 0.0600 +0.0070 +13.21% 294,500
12/29/14 0.0520 0.0530 0.0520 0.0530 +0.0010 +1.92% 68,000
12/26/14 0.0510 0.0524 0.0510 0.0520 +0.0010 +1.96% 92,800
12/24/14 0.0501 0.0596 0.0501 0.0510 -0.0039 -7.10% 329,100


Bottom Line:

The “Geppetto Avatars” announcement was the first news to flow from TMMI since May which could be an early sign of things to come from their venture with Raytheon. While volume seems to be lacking for TMMI stock to be one of the hottest penny stocks on the Pinksheets, it still looks like this solid, unsung hero of the technology industry could shine in 2015.

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