Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded | PRTN, CHMR, BBDA, TADF

PRTN, PRTN Stock, OTC PRTNBack, and in classic form, Victory Stocks informed the world where to put their money when they went live with their banner for Pristine Solutions (OTC:PRTN). Just prior to lunch on Monday, the banner popped out declaring PRTN stock the official pick.

Just like they had done with GWBU, SNPK and NSRS, tensions eased of it being another fake alert and the company, once trying to sell hot water heaters to Jamaica, now focused on “hot flashes,” led the OTC listed stocks in trades, 2nd in dollar volume, and 5th in share volume.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded Monday, August 27
Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
PRTN 0.366 +62.67% 39,076,470 110,742,471 6,255
CHMR 0.4705 -31.81% 1,374,704 2,487,937 845
BBDA 0.0118 +47.50% 882,596 85,825,742 724
TADF 0.0017 +21.43% 499,000 320,815,227 476
VLNX 0.0167 -20.48% 219,399 12,443,275 463
AAMRQ 0.47 -3.21% 1,306,322 2,759,017 341
NEOM 0.0077 -1.28% 332,839 41,311,708 328
EKDKQ 0.259 -0.38% 675,993 2,614,871 328
KMAG 0.0124 -14.48% 423,111 30,770,967 324
GYST 0.0079 -28.18% 286,768 34,045,315 321

BebevCo (PINK:BBDA) also had an extraordinary trading session on Monday watching its beverage focused penny shares bounce off their lows from Wednesday last week. BBDA stock looks primed to test the 2 cent bar in this last week of the summer.

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Chimera Energy (OTC:CHMR) had yet another schizophrenic trading session, this time trading to the red dropping 22 cents for the day. Following in the PPS shedding were Vision Plasma Systems (PINK:VLNX), dropping near a nickel, KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINK:KMAG) which shed roughly 2/10th of a penny, and Graystone Company Inc. (PINK:GYST) which has left the 1 cent level to play in the sub-penny sandbox.

Bottom Line: The summer is finally over and, after much needed skepticism, PRTN looks to be the Awesome Penny Stocks pick traders were looking for. As we have said time and time again, a classic APS pick doesn’t need to be traded on day one. If you got into PRTN stock on Friday, then you won big, but Monday’s voyeurs didn’t miss much by being cautious and will be stepping in big on Tuesday.

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