Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) A Huge Hit For Some

THCZ Stock, Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.In hope of becoming one of the BestDamnPennyStocks on the OTC Thursday, Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) didn’t do much more than record their largest volume trading session of the year. Opening at 0.0115, before jumping to 0.0185 within the first 30 minutes of trading, THCZ stock settled down to churn the remainder of the trading session between 0.016 and 0.018. With news from a week ago that the aspiring, first total Hemp beverage company is due to begin production of their new product lines, Rocky Mountain High Hemp Iced Tea™, Rocky Mountain High Hemp Lemonade™ and Rocky Mountain High Hemp Energy Drink™, the HOD from Thursday might see a Friday morning test before the leakage begins to avoid holding the bags over the Christmas holidays.

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THCZ Stock Quote

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
12/18/14 0.0115 0.0185 0.0115 0.0161 +0.0066 +69.47% 18,564,900
12/17/14 0.0090 0.0099 0.0085 0.0095 +0.0008 +9.20% 720,900
12/16/14 0.0080 0.0090 0.0072 0.0087 +0.0012 +16.00% 671,900
12/15/14 0.0083 0.0083 0.0057 0.0075 -0.0008 -9.64% 1,459,500
12/12/14 0.0090 0.0090 0.0083 0.0083 -0.0007 -7.78% 765,600

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. was created from the bankrupt Republic of Texas Brands Inc. (RTXB) back in August of this year shortly after the Company acquired Chillo energy drinks from Chill Texas for 5 million shares of what is now THCZ stock. The Company brought in Tom Shuman, a legend in the beverage industry, to be the CEO to help design and develop a line of hemp related beverage consumables and, soon after, appointed Rhino Marketing to build and manage a global marketing platform and launch strategy.

Back on December 10, Totally Hemp Crazy announced that the formulations for the beverages were finalized in November and their ingredients along with the proper bar codes were added to the cans’ final designs. With a launch target set for mid-spring 2015, the news did virtually nothing to help boost THCZ stock as it remained in subpenny land, despite having traded as high as when the Company made the shift over to the cannabis sector in August.

Needless to say the alerts by more than just BestDamnPennyStocks and their new TheNextBigTrade worked for THCZ. They were 100% correct when they pointed out that:

(THCZ) appears to be set up for a text book technical breakout trade. In fact, this setup is one of our favorites and one that we might even say jump started our careers as traders.

(THCZ) has put in a Double Bottom support level coupled with large volume spikes. Why is this so important? The increased volume confirms the support level is strong and hints towards a possible reversal hence leading to a breakout. You can also see a very clear and concise downtrend resistance line in place. As that downtrend line approaches the support level, an inflection point is created (marked with a yellow star in the chart). One of those lines have to give. Either support wins or resistance wins. And in this case, the increased volume on the creation of a Double Bottom support hints towards a complete reversal and momentum building breakout.

This stock is no stranger to momentum based breakouts. Just a few months ago, (THCZ) erupted for a strong multi-day move posting a massive 323% gain. And we believe it could once again be setting up for another triple digit move, quite possibly the biggest we’ve seen this quarter.

If a year ago today, anyone told you to sell your house, cars, personal possessions, pimp your wife or girlfriend on the street and put your kids into child labor just so you could put every penny you had into a marijuana stock like THCZ, you’d most likely have kicked them in the head. That was a year ago when any marijuana related penny stock began it’s 10-bagger run just from throwing their hat into the cannabis industry.

Today though, flipping high volume tickers in the sector like THCZ stock is about as much as one can hope for. The entire sector fizzled out in March and took a huge hit when the SEC halted Growlife Inc. (PHOT) one of the biggest and most dollar volume tickers on the OTC. Marijuana related penny stocks like THCZ have lost the luster they had for a number of reasons. Traders just aren’t hip to the idea anymore since the big boom in cannabis has proven to be nothing but a flicker and those who were early to get into the sector have moved onwards and upwards to big board tickers with more stable runs.

Regardless, the efforts behind THCZ, lead by BestDamnPennyStocks and their new site, TheNextBigTrade, has proven that there is a demand for tickers promoted, even on the eve of the slowest 2 weeks of the year. Can THCZ stock break through that .02 ceiling it has and show a real 100% gain from yesterday’s open? You’d have to be Totally OTC Crazy to think that it will if it doesn’t happen before the first 30 minutes of trading is over today.

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About THCZ Stock

Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Cannabis-Holdings, is a development stage company determined to become the premier hemp beverage company in the USA.

Click here to view the filings for THCZ.
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Authorized: 400,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 265,433,700

Bottom Line:

It would be fantastic to see THCZ break past .02 and bust through .03 today, but that simply isn’t in the cards, especially for promoted penny stocks with just 3 full trading sessions left before the Christmas break. A massive round of applause goes out to all those who flipped THCZ stock for what gains were there to be had. For those still holding on for some bigger gains than the 60% that was to be had off the open, better luck with the alert Gryphon is due to release in the next 72 hours.

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