TRLR | TruLan Resources Blows Its Load With Gold Results

TRLR stock, PINK TRLR, TRLR Stock Quote, TRLR.PK,Trulan Resources Inc.After reviewing the charts and chatting with a few VIP traders on Wednesday, we decided to Tweet our speculation that Trulan Resources Inc. (TRLR) was poised for a breakout. Watching the penny stock shed -50% from its high of last week, TRLR stock had all the makings of a proper chart called bounce for today. With the alerts issued at the bell by the “gap and trap” crew, the news of 1,764,112 ounces of gold present at their Chilean mining project could have been put to better use on a day without a scheduled pump.

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Market Cap: 12.68M
Last: 0.0229  +0.0069 (+43.13%)
Volume: 48,986,647
Dollar Volume: $1,215,180
Open: 0.0195
High: 0.03
Low: 0.0195
Trades: 1,536
1st Support Level: 0.0185
2nd Support Level: 0.0138

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TruLan Resources’ TRLR stock should some strong support at the 0.015 level yesterday making today, with or without news or the pumpers paradise awareness alerts, a great day to look for an entry level position for a decent bounce play. The news of the geological report on the Company’s IGP Iron-Gold-Platinum Project in Chile having reported that gold particles are widely disseminated throughout the property was enough to have been able to push TRLR stock back above the 0.02 range and give traders a chance to plan their trades accordingly.

Instead, “My 1 Cent Killer “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” Alert!” and “Thermonuclear Explosion of Profit Potential!” hit the inboxes of OTC traders, many novices on how to play a Psycho pick. TRLR stock, instead of seeing an accumulation on the news and slow increase to the 2-cent range and beyond, saw a “gap and trap” followed by a decline from the 0.03 HOD hit at 9:33AM.

When it’s all said and done, TRLR stock just got molested for some flat-line trading at for the rest of the trading session and eventual dump tomorrow on a wasted press release. The announcement of TruLan’s tested gold having an average grade of .25 g/t Au could have been replaced by saying the miners and geologists played a soccer match to determine who would wash the dishes this coming weekend and TRLR stock would have still traded the same way it is today.

What a waste of some good PR. Having these guys go out on a day when news like this is sure to light up the charts is like having your sister show up as the stripper at your bachelor party — it just ain’t right.

About TRLR Stock

TruLan Resources Inc., a development stage exploration and mining development company, is focused on gold, silver, and platinum group metals projects in North and South America.

Click here to view the financial filings for TRLR.
Click here to view the website for Trulan Resources.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/10/13 0.0160 +0.0001 +0.63% 1,677,600
04/09/13 0.0159 -0.0071 -30.87% 1,054,400
04/08/13 0.0230 unch unch 812,000
04/05/13 0.0230 -0.0060 -20.69% 3,865,800
04/04/13 0.0290 +0.0010 +3.57% 7,417,613


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Bottom Line:

It’s a shame to see TRLR waste such a good PR when penny stock alerts are going out by the penny stock killers on the same day. Now that Joe, Fox, Mister, Psycho and his Darth trading pals have all taken TRLR stock to the death chamber, look back at it in a week and see if maybe the dust from the Thermonuclear fallout that is of tomorrow’s dump has finally settled down to around an Abraham Lincoln coin’s value.

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