Unusual Volume Hits Royal Mines And Minerals Corp. (RYMM)

RYMM StockThe penny stock of Royal Mines And Minerals Corp. (RYMM) saw it’s third trading session in a week of unusual volume flow its way when shares of the mineral exploration company pushed past 0.05 after opening below 0.02. Trading activity is still quite small considering how high RYMM stock has reached so far today and the message boards of some of the more popular OTC sites have yet to see any posts about what’s triggered the shares to begin trading so heavily. After posting another quarter with no revenues to counter their increasing liabilities, this is just one of many quiet penny stocks making big moves on the OTC today.

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The move today on RYMM stock surely has raised more than a few eyebrows as it looks to end the trading session as one of the top 5 penny stock gainers on the day. Not much has been happening with Royal Mines & Minerals since the Company signed a letter of intent in July with Lafarge North America Inc. whereby the two are looking to possibly do a joint venture with respect to the commercialization of the Company’s process for the recovery of precious metals from coal ash and other materials. While this surely can not be the reason why RYMM stock took such a huge leap of faith today, the indication that the Company could possibly have some technology that is useful does at least show that there is a reason to have this one on the watch list.

Energy Holdings International, Inc. (EGYH) is another penny stock that has suddenly lit up the radar screens having its 5th trading session in less than a month whereby volume has eclipsed the 200,000 level since they filed their 10k on August 14. With just a couple thousand shares above 40 million issued and outstanding on the development stage company focused on acquiring, developing and managing energy assets across in the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, the moves EGYH stock has been making clearly gives reason for why it too should be n radar screens and watch lists.

Kallo Inc. (KALO), another penny stock in the top 10 gainers of the OTC as of midday is back there again after having a superb close to October after shares rose from 0.025 two weeks ago. KALO stock went apeshit at the start of the year after the Company announced a $200 million deal with the Government of the Republic of Guinea to supply customized healthcare delivery solutions to their Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, rising from 0.035 to as high as 0.45 within the course of 2 trading sessions (January 23-24). After having published an update about how long the deal has taken to get into place, the Ebola crisis which originated in Africa has caused this ticker to force gains into the speculators who bught shares last week at under 0.05.

respectively, RYMM (20 trades), EGYH (29 trades) and KALO (145 trades) have already seen $29,186, $16,497, and $307,014 worth of dollar volume flow their way as of 1PM.

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About RYMM Stock

Royal Mines And Minerals Corp. is an exploration stage company focused primarily on 1) commercially extracting and refining precious metals from its own and other’s leachable assets, 2) using its lixiviation processes to convert specific ore bodies and fly ash landfills/monofills into valuable assets, and 3) joint ventures, acquiring and developing mining projects in North America.

Click here to view the SEC filings for RYMM.
Click here to view the website for Royal Mines And Minerals Corp.

Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 223,193,634

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
11/03/14 0.0170 0.0520 0.0170 0.0440 +0.0270 +158.82% 595,160
10/31/14 0.0170 0.0170 0.0170 0.0170 -0.0130 -43.33% 100
10/29/14 0.0300 0.0300 0.0200 0.0300 +0.0140 +87.50% 121,300
10/28/14 0.0300 0.0550 0.0160 0.0160 +0.0070 +77.78% 468,000
10/13/14 0.0120 0.0120 0.0090 0.0090 -0.0060 -40.00% 30,000


Bottom Line:

RYMM, EGYH and KALO all deserve to be on the list of penny stocks to watch as power hour quickly approaches. While RYMM stock and EGYH stock are seeing some unusual activity, KALO stock has been on an amazing run and, with today’s update, although it didn’t mention the word “Ebola”, could most difintely see its run continue into the end of the week.

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