URHN | Uranium Hunter Embarks On The Qwest For Gold

URHN Stock, URHN.PK, OTC URHN, Uranium Hunter Corp., URHN scamA Mouse that can dance? A Cat that can play music? Those were mind-blowing events as a child. What’s not so surprising is to see the Uranium Hunter Corp. (PINK: URHN) focus its efforts on searching for Gold in places like Cameroon and Guyana. It makes perfect sense for a start up, ill-funded mining Company to be exploring for rare earth minerals in places where no verifiable data can be easily obtained. It makes so much sense that URHN stock has not only seen gains already this year of as much as 1100%, but that it has a target price of 0.27 which, if ever pigs could fly, would be a potential gain of 773% from Tuesday’s closing price.

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Market Cap: 51.18M
Tuesday Close: 0.0309  -0.0039 (-11.21%)
Volume: 1,027,458
Dollar Volume: $31,449
Open: 0.0348
High: 0.035
Low: 0.0271
Trades: 65
Authorized: 6,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,656,326,100
14-Day Rel Strength: 48.65%
14-Day Stochastic: 25.38%

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For weeks now, reports have been circulating citing that Uranium Hunter Corp. is perfectly placed to feed the coming gold demand just as the new gold bonanza starts. This would be a rare feat for the rare earth elements junior mining Company since they had just $6,304 in the bank as of September 30, 2012 and had yet to deploy one shovel into the ground to sample for gold.

However, according to their PR, Uranium Hunter recently sought the assistance of First Swiss International Group Inc. to act as lead funder on a $20,000,000 private placement. This is a plausible transaction since there were 4.44 billion shares of URHN stock which could be issued as of December 31, 2012.

At the start of the month, the Company announced, in a scene that can only be imagined to be something like a Discovery Channel travel show, that after meeting with local land owners, village chief, elders and the Paramount Chief and Cameroon Ministry of Mines, Uranium Hunter managed to acquire a further 2 concessions in the Kette region of Cameroon. Wonder how the tribesmen accepted doing a deal with a group claiming to be hunters.

About a week later (two weeks ago), the Company announced that St. Watson Mining Company Sierra Leone, Ltd. decided to ink a deal for a joint venture with them on their gold concessions in Sierra Leone. The concessions are said to be located in the Sewafe area in the District of Kono, around the corner from the local discount hardware store and down the street from the 24 hour drive thru burger joint which has been rumored to have a Buy One – Get One Hyena special on Thursdays.

While the circulating email is reporting that “because of its combustible potential every $5,000 you place on URHN today could return you $66,250“, let’s try to tone that down to something more realistic like $500 could return $662.50 which after fees would be a profit of around $60 if the stars are aligned correctly.

About URHN Stock

Uranium Hunter Corporation, operates through its wholly owned subsidiary company Cuyuni Mining Inc., is focused on finding and developing financial deals that produce gold, precious gems and other mineral assets in Cameroon and Guyana.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/26/13 0.0309 -0.0039 -11.21% 1,027,400
02/25/13 0.0348 +0.0028 +8.75% 357,300
02/22/13 0.0320 +0.0019 +6.31% 508,500
02/21/13 0.0301 -0.0079 -20.79% 504,600
02/20/13 0.0380 +0.0049 +14.80% 1,020,100


Bottom Line: Since Tuesday was one of the most boring trading sessions for penny stocks this year, URHN has a good shot at seeing some heavy volume trading in the first 10-15 minutes on Wednesday. All bets aside, if URHN stock passes .06 at any point during the Wednesday trading session, I will agree to adopt a Gazelle in Africa and name it Psycho.

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