VDSC | PV Enterprises Sets Sail On Scrapped Assets

hot penny stocks, PV Enterprises International, VDSC stock, Money Runners, When you’re share price is trading below its par value, 0.001, something is wrong. When your share price has dropped from 0.20 at the start of the year to below par value, something is seriously wrong. Yet, off of an update to shareholders on October 31, ALAS International Holdings Inc. (VDSC), aka PV Enterprises Intl., traded more dollar volume than its actual market capitalization hitting as high as 240% above its par value. Based out of the boat scrap yard, about one minute from Lil Reds (the best breakfast joint in all of Fort Lauderdale), the penny stock whose plans were to revolutionize the ferry and over-night cruise industry world-wide with $100 in the bank and a scrapped boat has become a money runner.

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Market Cap: 339.37K
Close: 0.0029 ▲ 0.0014 (93.33%)
Volume: 132,266,782
Dollar Volume: $342,576
High: 0.0034
Low: 0.0014
Trades: 590
Average Trade Size: 224,180
Authorized: 494,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 258,510,970

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Exactly 11 months ago today, PV Enterprises (see here) announced that they had placed a down payment to acquire a 27,000 tonnage, 600 feet long Oceanliner Cruise Vessel, a Cruise ship, with luxury accommodations, large public spaces with 650 seats dining room, Bistro, Disco, 5000 Sq Feet Casino, Main Show Lounge, and seven bars to accommodate 1200 passengers and 600 crew members. On that day, January 13, 2012, VDSC stock opened at 0.12 before reaching a high of 0.1775 on 260,018 shares traded.

A few months later, the Company announced (see here) that it had completed negotiations with Yeosu Expo Cruise Corp. and entered into a contract to provide a cruise ship, The Emerald, for guest accommodations available to attendees of the World EXPO 2012. The deal was said to be worth $10.3 million guaranteed with an additional 50% of all net revenues collected on board from food, beverage, casino, etc said t go to PV Enterprises. The “additional revenue” was, at the time, estimated to be valued at $2 million making the whole extravaganza worth roughly $12.3 million.

Further to that, Peter Villiotis, President and CEO of PV Enterprises, stated, “We are excited about the opportunity to provide the vessel as a floating hotel for the World Expo in Korea. Upon completing our engagement in Yeosu, the Emerald will be re-deployed to Colon, Panama. From both Colon, Panama and Cartagena, Colombia the Emerald will cruise year round to the Caribbean. We will be offering 3, 4 & 7 day cruises.” A cruise to no where is what shareholders have gotten since the Ghost Ship, The Emerald, was scrapped and sold for recycling in 2012 (see here).

Just for the three months ended September 30, 2012, PV Enterprises reported revenues worth $1,162. Sure one can go look back at the three months ended March 31, 2012 and June 30, 2012 to verify whether or not that $12.3 million was received or not, but why bother when the other numbers are right in front of your face. The share price has dropped from 0.20 to start the year, 0.1775 the day the acquired to supposed Cruise ship, to as low as 0.0007 just over a month ago. With VDSC stock stated to have a par value of 0.001 and no cash, its pretty clear that someone ids taking the money and running on this one.

About VDSC Stock

P.V. Enterprises International is a company in the ship management business under the direction of Peter Villiotis.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/13/12 0.0029 +0.0014 +93.33% 132,266,703
12/12/12 0.0015 +0.0004 +36.36% 6,991,700
12/11/12 0.0011 -0.0001 -8.33% 1,756,400
12/10/12 0.0012 +0.0001 +9.09% 2,999,500
12/07/12 0.0011 -0.0001 -8.33% 2,160,700

Bottom Line: VDSC may have spanked the monkey as one of the top penny stocks traded on Thursday, but the ship is soon to sink on this dump and pump. Par is good if your playing golf, but when VDSC stock began Thursday just inches above that, you have to question whether a trip on the Ghost Ship is worth the money.

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