We Told You HII Technologies (HIIT) Was Gonna Be A Winner

HIIT stock, HII Technologies Inc.,OTC  HIIT, penny stocks for 2013, oil Stocks for 2013744% – That;s how much AimHighProfits followers are up right now since we first profiled the penny stock of HII Technologies, Inc. (HIIT) as a “long and strong” pick that every investor should have on their watch list back in 2013. Shares of HIIT stock set another new 52 week high yesterday, hitting $1.14, increasing their market cap to $54.58M, $48.74M up from the $5.84M they were when we bullied the ticker at 0.145. Having just recently agreed to purchase some 13 ½ miles of 10” and 12” layflat hose and aluminum pipe for $1,516,000 on or before August 12, 2015, this Houston, Texas based oilfield services company is proving to be a significant player from the growth of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing within the United States.

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HIIT Stock Quote

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HII Technologies, Inc. landed on our radar screens some 19 months ago when the Company was just getting their feet wet in the oil fracking industry. Shares of HIIT had already jumped more than 450% over the course of 6 months when we caught wind of their acquisition of Apache Energy Services, LLC, but nevertheless, the growth they have produced since September, 2012 has proven to be a real hidden gem of the OTC.

In August, HII Technologies reported their half year revenues to the SEC which were $6,752,384 and $14,257,445 for the 3 and 6 months ended June 30, 2014, versus $3,226,437 and $5,836,210 for the same periods in 2012, growth of over 200% for the half-year in comparison. Around the same time as the 10-Q was filed, the Company announced that they agreed to purchase 13 ½ miles of 10” and 12” layflat hose and aluminum pipe for $1,516,000 on or before August 12, 2015 from Hamilton Investment Group, a move that will undoubtedly be used to produce even more significant growth and inch the Company that much closer to reporting positive net income in the coming quarters.

Just last month, HII Technologies took part in 2 investor conferences, one of them the Euro Pacific Capital Global Investment Conference on September 9 at the Sofitel Hotel in New York, NY and the other the IPAA OGIS San Francisco on September 22 – 24 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA. The presence at both of these conferences proved to be major catalysts for the unexposed HIIT stock seeing as how the share price has doubled since prior to their first appearance.

With so much momentum having slowly built up behind HIIT stock over the past almost 2 years and the new 52 week high closing above the $1 level for the 2nd time in it’s short history, the 2nd time this week, a new group of investors are likely to have HIIT stock on their radar screens now. With such little PR behind such an amazing growth company, seeing a slow run towards $2 is almost as simple to predict as their initial run towards $1 with the one factor being that it should take less than half as long to make this next push.

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About HIIT Stock

HII Technologies, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiaries KMHVC, Inc. and Apache Energy Services, LLC, is a Texas based oilfield services company focused on commercializing technologies in power and water management used by exploration and production companies in the U.S.

Click here to view the SEC filings for HIIT.
Click here to view the website for HII Technologies, Inc.

Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 49,618,556

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
10/08/14 1.0100 1.1400 1.0000 1.1000 +0.0900 +8.91% 349,000
10/07/14 1.0200 1.0400 0.9602 1.0100 -0.0200 -1.94% 192,800
10/06/14 0.9800 1.0500 0.9400 1.0300 +0.0500 +5.10% 232,100
10/03/14 0.8950 0.9850 0.8400 0.9800 +0.1000 +11.36% 406,500
10/02/14 0.8600 0.8950 0.8100 0.8800 +0.0100 +1.15% 83,500


Bottom Line:

Surely 744% gains over the course of more than a year is not such a significant ROI for those who play the penny stocks that get pumped and pushed to levels that they don’t deserve to be at. With HIIT being one of the realest of real companies on the OTC and proving that revenue growth has them going places where not many other fracking players are, taking a $1 bite before the eventual uplist to a higher exchange or even a buyout is as appetizing as an all you can eat buffet at a Houston steak house.

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