Why Can’t Limitless Venture Group (LVGI) Play Nice?

LVGI Stock, PINK LVGI, LVGI.PK, Limitless Venture Group Inc., LVGI Stock ScamLimitless Venture Group Inc. (LVGI) and their limitless supply of their penny stock took a nose dive Tuesday after announcing their about to enter into production on a line of HEMP based health products called The HempCore™ Health Series. Shares of the beverage focused company had been “en fuego” since new CEO, Joseph Francella, came out screaming in a February issued PR about how committed he is to earn his $1 for the 6 month contract he has as if he had too many of their SLAM Infusination, the Company’s RTD (ready to drink) alcoholic shots. Knowing no one could do worse than previous CEO, Peter Scalise III, after his failure to bring any good attention to LVGI during the dilution months of 2013, maybe the board pumpers are right in saying the good times are coming.

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Market Cap: 11.36M
Last: 0.0074 ▼ -0.0016 (-17.78%)
Volume: 292,012,825
Dollar Volume: $2,160,895
Open: 0.0104
High: 0.0135
Low: 0.0073
Trades: 1,834
Authorized: 2,500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,535,125,593
14-Day Rel Strength: 64.98%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0115
1st Support Level: 0.0053

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Limitless Venture Group looked like it was going to be a half decent player in the creative personal care and RTD alcoholic shot business when LVGI came on to he OTC stage last summer. Shares of LVGI stock actually held its own for a couple of months, bouncing between 0.16 and 0.06 before taking a pterodactylish turd dive all the way down in December, 2013 to 0.0001 – the lowest quote you can actually take a stock to.

Since the departure of Peter Scalise III, Joseph Francella, the new CEO and longtime note converter of LVGI stock seems to have created a stir among traders as if a rainbow just appeared in the 10,000 square foot office, manufacturing and distribution facility Limitless Venture Group has in Holbrook, New York. Francella has quite a few appearances in the outdated financial filings for the Company whereby he received LVGI stock for 0.001.

However, the new dedication to end the unlimited flow of LVGI shares and entry into the marijuana industry with a product aimed towards heart health and cholesterol reduction, one towards joint pain/arthritis relief, one for brain health/cognitive function and one for anxiety relief wasn’t received well yesterday. It makes sense that shares of LVGI stock were dumped into the news since t had been more than 6 weeks since Francella came out screaming “I’m doing all of this for a $1 people!”

Having had a chance to settle down and “STOP” the bleeding a bit, LVGI stock, the 14th highest in volume traded yesterday, looks to recover some of yesterday’s losses with renewed devotion on message boards by the paid pumpers. The story being pitched at present is how traders and the market just need to catch up in order to properly react to the positive news. Paid pumpers on the boards are suggesting that LVGI will break 0.02 in the coming sessions.

(Cough, cough, cough) Even if HempCore health products are “coming soon” and sales do come via hempcorehealth.com, the return and cancellation of 520,000,000 shares of LVGI is merely a drop in the bucket. Savvy traders are fully aware that Peter Scalise III is still involved with LVGI which means that this recent surge is simply a chance to cash in before doing yet another, the 5th in 7 years, massive reverse stock split.

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About LVGI Stock

Limitless Venture Group Inc. is a development stage, full service brand development company specializing in beverage, supplement and healthy lifestyle products.

Click here to view the financial filings for LVGI.
Click here to view the website for Limitless Venture Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
04/01/14 0.0104 0.0135 0.0073 0.0074 -0.0016 -17.78% 292,012,813
03/31/14 0.0094 0.0100 0.0075 0.0090 +0.0020 +28.57% 213,071,906
03/28/14 0.0058 0.0072 0.0046 0.0070 +0.0017 +32.08% 258,031,703
03/27/14 0.0109 0.0150 0.0050 0.0053 -0.0040 -43.01% 658,063,125
03/26/14 0.0029 0.0100 0.0028 0.0093 +0.0067 +257.69% 702,291,000


Bottom Line:

When OTCMarkets issues a big fat ed STOP sign on a penny stock, it’s a subliminal message for traders to stop and think of what the heck you’re about to do with your money before buying even 1 share of LVGI stock. With the legal gambling of sub penny stocks like LVGI, swings in the fractions of a cent can be worth a couple hundred bucks if played the right way. Since their’s grass on the field, why not play ball and try to sacrifice bunt for a single?

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