Will Penny Stock Cord Blood America (CBAI) Beat Estimates?

Shares in the penny stock of Cord Blood America Inc. (OTC: CBAI) have been trading flat since their announcement of stem cells successfully treating type 1 diabetes. CBAI stock price has been relatively flat over the last two months closing up 4.44% at $0.0235 on volume of 2.14 million in the last trading session.

CBAI is a stem cell company and one of the cheap stocks on the OTC that actually has gross profits.

Stem cell stocks were bullish in January and the penny stock of Cord Blood America Inc., CBAI, was one of those benefactors. When the news media reported that stem cells from cord blood had been used to “reeducate” the immune system T cells of people with type 1 diabetes so their pancreas started producing insulin again, CBAI and a number of other stem cell stocks began charging. Since then though, CBAI and the others are desperate for some kind of breakout discovery to help boost share prices.

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CBAI Stock Snap Shot:

Market Cap: 2.37M
52 Week High
(5/10/2011): 0.5000
52 Week Low
(10/5/2011): 0.0150
3m Avg Vol: 3,508,048
10 Day Avg Vol: 1,430,926
Shares Outstanding: 101.02M
Float: 100.56M
% Held by Insiders: 5.08%

Cord Blood America Inc. and its subsidiaries engage in the following business activities:

• Cord specializes in providing private cord blood stem cell preservation services to families.

• Stellacure GmbH specializes in providing cord blood stem cell preservation services to families in Germany, Spain and Italy.

• Biocordcell Argentina S.A. specializes in providing cord blood stem cell preservation to families in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

• BodyCells is a developmental stage company and intends to be in the business of collecting, processing and preserving peripheral blood and adipose tissue stem cells allowing individuals to privately preserve their stem cells for potential future use in stem cell therapy.

• Properties was formed to hold the corporate trademarks and other intellectual property.

• Rain has specialized in creating direct response television and radio advertising campaigns, including media placement and commercial production. Management has reduced the activities of Rain, terminated its former employees, and by the end of 2010, was no longer seeking additional business. This is consistent with management’s decision to focus its attention exclusively on the stem cell storage business and related activities.

To view SEC filings for CBAI, click here.

Bottom Line: CBAI is one of those penny stocks that could stay the same price for the next 3 years or pop 3,000% in 3 weeks considering the sector it is in. They were due to submit their 10-K and Q4 results having filed a NT 10-K on March 30th. It will be interesting to see considering the company reported gross profit of just over $3 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2011.

CBAI is worth adding to your penny stocks lists for monitoring. The 10-K will be an interesting read and may provide some insight into what to look forward to in the short-term.

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