WMXG | WMX Group Holdings Dreams Of Taking Out eBay

WMXG Stock, WMX Holdings Group, Hot Penny StocksSmart penny stock traders may be on point this week who were ready and willing to pick up some shares in WMX Group Holdings Inc. (WMXG) at the opening bell. With plans to hire 1,000 wealth advisors over the next year and restructure itself to be debt free by early next year, the Company formerly known as Smart Kids Group Inc. is being pretty smart with plans to basically take out eBay. Since their goal is to provide the most secure website auction platform allowing people from all across the globe to have access to customers and sell to each and every continent, WMXG stock could be one of the biggest “should have had a big week” stocks at the end of it all though.

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Market Cap: 27.43M
Last: 0.02. up 0.001 (5.26%)
Volume: 88,000
High: 0.02
Low: 0.02
Trades: 4
Average Trade Size: 22,000
Authorized: 1,800,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,371,336,466

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The funniest thing about the former Smart Kids Inc. is that WMX Holdings is looking for some dumb investors. Their focus is split within so many directions that its almost as if the business model is just betting on every horse in the race since one of them has to win.  With enough cash at the end of their fiscal year, June 30, 2012, to get through roughly two weeks of operations based on over $1 million in losses for the year ended, the future of the Company is banking on one of these dividions to “pull a rabbit out of its hat”:

• WMX Trade: A proprietary trading platform for the buying and selling of real products on their website in several market segments across the globe.
• WEX TELECOM: A division  dedicated to building long term relationships by providing flexible outsourced contact center solutions that add maximum value to our clients around the world.
• Air Motor Company: A leading research & development incubator company of The Harvard Think Tank.
• WEX Power: A division developed to meet the growing demand for alternative energy for many reasons.
• WEX Think Tank: A division launched to allow companies and entrepreneurs from around the world to reach out to WMX for help to take their company to the next level.

Basically, the business model that WMX Group Holdings is based on is the old “throw enough feces against the wall and some of it is bound to stick.” Safe and secure website or not, this didn’t work for hundreds of Company’s before who have tried to make a run at a website designed to be a trading forum much like eBay. To think that, as of September 28, 2012, WMX Group had no members for their website to date, it would be a shocker to see that they have any traders for WMXG stock.

About WMXG Stock

WMX Group Holdings, Inc. is a diversified company with a focus on creating, developing, and expanding their products and services across a portfolio of divisions.

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Bottom Line: WMXG is a penny stock with a whole lot of shares outstanding and a whole lot of fluff for their plan. Having booked $98 for the year ended June 30, 2012, WMXG stock has as good a chance of adding a 0 before the 2. The fluff yourself as becoming the next eBay/ “Shark Tank”/ alternative energy provider is as absurd as General Motors does in making Televisions for Boeing in the coming year.

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