Worldwide Internet (WNTR) Surely Is A Green Fund

WNTR Stock, Worldwide Internet Inc., The Green Fund, Marijuana StocksIt’s no secret that traders have been making a fortune this year trading marijuana stocks. Even when they eventually collapse from time-to-time like Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX) did early on yesterday, traders have gotten so familiar with the tactics of certain market makers that the bounce, 87.5% in the case of FITX stock, is making them money hand over fist. One underpriced and overlooked penny stock, Worldwide Internet Inc. (WNTR), might have found a niche worth watching when they created Green Company Holdings, Inc., aka The Green Fund, a diversified portfolio of investments in the hemp and medical marijuana sectors.

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WNTR, WNTR Stock, WNTR Stock Quote, Worldwide Internet Inc., Worldwide Internet Holdings Inc., Marijuana Stocks, The Green Fund, Marijuana Investment Funds, Cannabis Stocks, Pot Stocks, Hemp StocksWNTR Stock Quote

Market Cap: 2.74M
Last: 0.0041 ▲ +0.0001 (+2.50%)
Volume: 27,668,927
Dollar Volume: $112,671
Open: 0.004
High: 0.0043
Low: 0.0039
Trades: 153
Authorized: 2,100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 668,832,045
14-Day Rel Strength: 51.98%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0043
1st Support Level: 0.0039

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For a few weeks already, traders have been using Worldwide Internet not to browse for porn, but rather as an atm card of sorts, moving in when market maker BMAK is gone and selling off when they reappear. The tactic has been working out well enough for those with Think or Swim accounts due to the low fees involved with buying subpenny priced pinksheets that the recent move to the marijuana sector has WNTR firing on all four cylinders.

Prior to mid-February, Worldwide Internet was an aggressive PR issuing holding company that acquired interests in companies that dealt with anything from text messaging, natural gas, medical supplies and even got involved with TCA Global Credit Master Fund LP back in 2013. The Company went into February on the heels of announcing the intent to change their name to Worldwide Diversified Holdings, Inc. to better reflect their business model.

Speaking of their business model, although the most recent numbers which can be reviewed are from the period ended September 30, 2013, $5,014 in cash as part of $18,417,272 worth of assets, offset by $948,485 in total liabilities seems to be the kind of balance sheet every company would wish for. Add in $43,500 of investment income and deduct $4,871 to come up with Net Income of $38,629 for the three months ended and, well if the percentages can stay the same, 88.89% net income from revenues generated, Worldwide already had the Green Fund created, they just needed to bump up the juice a bit.

The newly created “Green Fund” was put together with more than just a few words on a piece of paper like most of these marijuana stocks have been doing. The company made an initial $1,000,000 investment through its Series C Preferred Shares and plans on adding at least an additional 10 companies to the fund from the 90 potential ones in the sector to create the basis of a diversified portfolio. As soon as the fund is completed, Worldwide Internet Holdings said they plan on listing The Green Fund as a separate publicly trading vehicle.

Worldwide is calling The Green Fund a comprehensive group of qualified Small Cap Public Companies in the Emerging Hemp and Medical Marijuana Sectors that strives to bring up to date Actionable Investment Intelligence on the pulse of these rapidly growing industries. We’re calling Worldwide’s WNTR an underpriced and overlooked penny stock that should be watched by all and snagged as soon as BMAK turns their heads around.

WNTR, WNTR Stock, WNTR Stock Quote, Worldwide Internet Inc., Worldwide Internet Holdings Inc., Marijuana Stocks, The Green Fund, Marijuana Investment Funds, Cannabis Stocks, Pot Stocks, Hemp Stocks

About WNTR Stock

Worldwide Internet Inc. is a development stage company focused on making acquisitions of business operations and investments to create a diversified holding company.

Click here to view the financial filings for WNTR.
Click here to view the website for Worldwide Internet,  here for The Green Fund.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/04/14 0.0040 0.0043 0.0039 0.0041 +0.0001 +2.50% 27,668,900
03/03/14 0.0037 0.0042 0.0037 0.0040 +0.0003 +8.11% 38,743,602
02/28/14 0.0034 0.0042 0.0030 0.0037 +0.0005 +15.63% 115,193,602
02/27/14 0.0032 0.0032 0.0029 0.0032 unch unch 26,208,500
02/26/14 0.0034 0.0035 0.0031 0.0032 -0.0003 -8.57% 58,134,297


Bottom Line:

The dips and rips of WNTR may look small from the chart, but anytime consistent volatility exists within a penny stock of this nature, buying low and selling high within the range is like walking up to an atm machine and getting free money. WNTR stock is fairly new, with just a 7 month trading history, but has been more or less range bound without the entry into the marijuana sector. Having opened up an entry way that doesn’t involve opening a dispensary or selling a “protect your weed” surveillance system, if their as good at managing the fund as they are at their financial statements, the golden ticket could cost you only $0.004 per share.

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