YLLC | Yellow7 Turns Into Red3 After A Terrible Trading Week

YLLC Stock, Yellow7Today was the highest volume trading session of the year for the penny stock of Yellow7 Inc. (YLLC) as they managed to lose nearly half their market capitalization. Cruising the circuit this week on numerous dissemination alerts, YLLC stock plummeted on the same day that the Penny Stock Prophet was responsible for creating awareness. When a prophet can’t tell the future and another has become the center for global disruption, bad things happen like losing half an investment in a day.

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YLLC, Yellow7, Yellow7Stock, YLLC Stock Chart

Market Cap: 5.56M
Close: 0.03, -0.029 (-49.15%)
Volume: 3,703,224
Dollar Volume: $161,146
High: 0.062
Low: 0.022
Trades: 213
Average Trade Size: 17,386
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding:  185,400,000

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There really isn’t much going on with Yellow7 to make you want to own the stock. The Company’s booking sales:  $216,694 for the 3 months ended June 30, 2012 versus $238,313 for the same 3 month period in 2011. For the 6 months ended June 30, 2012, they managed to take in $422,402 versus $414,875 for he same 6 month period in 2011. The increase in revenues for the first 6 months of 2012 compared to last year, 1.81%, are roughly about the same as anyone being able to afford to use their services under the current state of the economic recovery.

Really, if the penny stock prophet himself couldn’t predict the massive sell off today, then he didn’t look at the two strongest points about Yellow7: They aren’t a Nevada or Delaware registered corp. and they have been staying afloat by shareholder loans, not convertible notes payable. Take away those two factors and what you have here is vanilla on a white canvas hung a white wall, exquisite art for less than 1.81% of the art world.

About YLLC Stock

Yellow7, Inc. provides software development and web development services to the general public.

Bottom Line: Someone with an interest in YLLC crushed the subscriber lists of more than 20 penny stock awareness companies this week. The last time a pig like this went into the market it was Life Design International (LDSI) who back-doored everyone with their Backstage Vibes. Forget you ever heard of YLLC stock for now.

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