Youngevity International (YGYI) Is Too Good To Miss

YGYI Stock,Youngevity International Inc. ,penny stocks to buyLooking to build on their positive net income from 2013, the penny stock of Youngevity International, Inc. (YGYI) made an announcement pre-market today that will most likely fall on deaf ears due to the lack of interest traders have on real companies that trade on the OTC. Although growing your revenues from $25 million in 2010 to $85 million in 2013 should already be enough to garnish attention, Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, one of the many wholly owned subsidiaries of this wellness focused conglomerate, consummated the acquisition of the business of Good Herbs, Inc., a traditional herbal company with pure, unaltered, chemical-free, natural herbal supplements. Since YGYI stock has been on no one’s radar screens as it trades right between their 52 week high and low, perhaps now that they are likely to break $100 million in revenues this year may it become better appreciated.

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Market Cap: 85.51M
Last: 0.22 ▲ +0.01 (+4.76%)
Volume: 172,122
Dollar Volume: $37,867
Open: 0.21
High: 0.225
Low: 0.21
Trades: 37
14-Day RSI: 63.82%
1st Resistance Point: 0.2267
1st Support Level: 0.2117
52Wk High: 0.35
52Wk Low: 0.14

For years now, Youngevity International and its subsidiaries have been doing what any company on the planet wishes or hopes to have been doing, growing their business from a could-be to an is. Growing their revenues by 241% since the year ended December 31, 2010, traders have been shy or oblivious to the discounted share price of YGYI stock which hasn’t broken past 0.36 in over 2 years or ever gone below 0.14 during that period either.

The acquisition of Good Herbs, Inc. should bring some attention to YGYI stock since some may think it has something to do with marijuana due to the name. Little will they jump when they find out that not only are they a proud member of the American Herbal Products Association, but now that Youngevity distributors and customers will have access to Good Herbs’ unique line of high-quality herbal products, Good Herbs distributors and customers will also gain access to the more than 500 high-quality, technologically advanced products offered by Youngevity, including nutritional supplements, sports and energy drinks, health and wellness-related services, weight management, lifestyle products, gourmet coffee, packaged foods, skincare and cosmetics.

Focusing back on the money, Youngevity International booked net income of $2.651 million for the year ended December 31, 2013 off of revenues that reached $85.627 million. After you add back in interest, depreciation and taxes, the net income before EBITDA comes out at a whopping $6.431 million or an earnings per share of $0.0165 – roughly 1,000,000% better than any penny stock being promoted on the OTC. In fact, what that number should really represent to any investor is the target that YGYI now has on its back as an acquisition target.

Knowing that the Company had a substantial amount of cash to make it through Q1 and is likely to post some solid numbers for Q1, YGYI could see a massive spike between now and May 14 when the company has scheduled a to discuss the Company’s first quarter 2014 financial results, which it plans to release after the close of the market on the same date. Although shooting past 0.36 is an unlikely probability, seeing gains on YGYI stock of better than 40% looks to be in the bag.

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About YGYI Stock

Youngevity International, Inc., founded in 1996, operates through the following domestic wholly-owned subsidiaries: AL Global Corporation, which operates the company’s direct selling networks, CLR Roasters, LLC, the company’s commercial coffee business, Financial Destinations, Inc., FDI Management, Inc., and MoneyTrax, LLC;, MK Collaborative LLC, and the wholly owned foreign subsidiaries Youngevity Australia Pty. Ltd. and Youngevity NZ, Ltd.

Click here to view the SEC filings for YGYI.
Click here to view the website for Youngevity International.

Authorized: 600,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 388,690,195
Executive Officers & Directors, as a group: 300,213,555

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
05/02/14 0.2100 0.2250 0.2100 0.2200 +0.0100 +4.76% 172,100
05/01/14 0.2000 0.2100 0.1974 0.2100 +0.0100 +5.00% 202,300
04/30/14 0.1950 0.2000 0.1900 0.2000 +0.0051 +2.62% 100,600
04/29/14 0.2200 0.2200 0.1700 0.1949 -0.0051 -2.55% 256,000
04/28/14 0.2000 0.2044 0.2000 0.2000 unch unch 297,000


Bottom Line:

YGYI is one of the more solid penny stocks on the OTC in terms of revenues, net income and their trading range. Getting to know YGYI better could easily become a poor man’s ATM card as much as it could become an uplisting or acquisition target from a big board player that appreciates adding solid numbers to their bottom line.
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