Zalemark Holding Co. (ZMRK) Is A Diamond Penny Stock

ZMRKDo you think kids would love to display some “bling-bling” that comes in an assortment of colors that Crayola products come in?  Zalemark Holding Company Inc. (OTC PINK: ZMRK), an award winning development company in the jewelry industry, is banking on it (literally) as they’ve already wowed their shareholder crowd with gains of up to 561% this summer and just delivered on their revenue promises.  Although the dollar volume may not be diamond like in comparison with most penny stock on the OTC, ZMRK stock has enough upside in it that even a small trade could win enough dough to put some real bling on someone’s portfolio.

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ZMRK Stock


Zalemark Holding Company, founded and operated by jewelry designer Steven Zale, has been having a very “shinny” year in terms of getting people to notice them after having launched on Valentine’s Day and sold out the “Harmony Pendant by Engelbert Humperdinck.”  Sales for the three months ended June 30, 2015 were filed on Friday and, just as Zale had promised, showed $142,375, a 652% increase compared to the same period last year, and an additional $230,000 in marketing income which ultimately produced net income for the quarter of $48,879.

At the start of May, Zalemark announced a collaboration with Crayola LLC of Easton, Pa., to produce “Crayola Fine Jewelry” featuring Crayola colors in uniquely designed jewelry pieces to follow Crayola’s entry into the fashion industry which was launched at Bloomingdales.  Insiders in the jewelry industry were invited to a sneak peak, private, “Invitation Only” event on the 60th floor, Vista Penthouse Suite at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas during JCK Show this May which, from the mere description of the allowance, appears to designate their work as a featured product line in the jewelry world.

On Friday, when financial filings hit OTC Market, Zalemark Holdings reported some exceptional numbers on them:

  • Current Assets: $348,960 ($301,109 of which are Accounts Receivable);
  • Current Liabilities: $830,487;
  • Top Line Sales/Revenue: $372,375;
  • Gross Profit: $235,254;
  • Net Income: $48,879

More impressive are the numbers for ZMRK stock which consisted of 75,000,000 authorized of which 71,231,964 are issued and outstanding with a public float of just 27,507,181.  An overlooked item at the bottom of the balance sheet indicated that : “Total investments were adjusted from FMV (Fair Market Value) to actual costs in preparation for the audit to uplist.”

Uplisting to OTCQB and filing with the SEC would be a huge step forward for what is appearing to be a very profitable, relatively undervalued and overlooked ticker currently on the Pinksheets.  In early July when Zale reported how the Company is currently on track to exceed last year’s revenue by over 1865%, the indication of an uplist was not mentioned.  The “uplist” hint also wasn’t mentioned in late July when Zalemark announced a licensing agreement with Mars, Inc. to design, market, and distribute the company’s global brand mark, M & M’s, in a line of fashion jewelry across the U.S..

Simply put, ZMRK and the less than $10,000 volume trading sessions it has experienced on average have provided a perfect accumulation zone for those who see the sparkle of a mid-long hold on the stock.  With news expected to be released at some point now that filings are in, ZMRK shares could sneak right past you back to above 0.08 while most traders are sifting through the trash looking for garbage tickers to put in their portfolio.

Find out more about ZMRK shares here: $ZMRK


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