ZERO | Save The World Air Taking Flight Towards NASDAQ?

ZERO, ZERO stock, STWA stock, Save The World AirThe Ben Affleck movie was a stinker but the Bounce that Save the World Air, STWA (ZERO) had since hitting its low of .48 has been a real winner. Shorts attacked ZERO stock the cookie-cutter Tim Sykes way on Tuesday: write up an article on Seeking Alpha and attach it to the ticker symbol just prior to the market open. the affect may have allowed investors to get played the “Timmy” way by selling into the plunge, but smart traders bought up more and are paper profit kings after today’s trading session.

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ZERO Stock, STWA, Save the World AirZERO Stock Chart

Market Cap: 137.45M
Close: 1.07, up 0.40 (59.70%)
Volume: 5,170,576
Dollar Volume: $5,449,733
High: 1.41
Low: 0.66
Trades: 2,274
Average Trade Size: 2,273

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STWA announced after yesterday’s close some of the highlights from their September 21st shareholder meeting. Of the highlights not covered in the PR, Wyoming Senator Ryan Zinske started his speech by telling those in attendance that STWA’s AOT™ is a “Oil industry & World Game Changer!” The AOT™ unit is now as tall as a three story building, there are five on a skid making the unit weigh 250,000 lbs. The AOT™ is already in production and viscosity reduction is now at 90% in some cases.

They also brought out posters showing the attendees where STWA is in relation to meeting the NASDAQ requirements for uplisting. ZERO stock is only a few hundred thousand dollars away from the shareholder equity requirement having already topped the $1 PPS requirement. STWA then pointed out that if shareholders were to exercise their warrants, there is a very good chance the Company would meet the requirements for uplisting.

Being as how STWA is doing its current project in China, perhaps someone there can get us a mandarin saying for “stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”

About ZERO Stock

Save The World Air, Inc., a green technology company, designs, licenses, and develops products to improve energy efficiency of large-scale energy production and to improve diesel engine performance reducing emissions.

Bottom Line: STWA was one penny stock that could not get knock back down to ZERO and likely cost many short sellers a fortune who got converted into buyers just like the haters are being converted into believers. ZERO stock closed roughly 35% under its HOD which should allow for some good momentum as it heads back towards the $2 level. Will it break $2? If I knew, that would take all the fun out of speculating wouldn’t it.

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