ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. (ZIVO) Could See A Biotech Bounce

The penny stock of Health Enhancement Products, Inc. (HEPI) officially changes over to Zivo Bioscience, Inc. (ZIVO) today. The Michigan-based biotech firm investigating bioactive compounds extracted from algae cultures has been diligently working on closing a 2-1/2 year transition into what they’re calling themselves “a viable R&D enterprise with significant potential in both nutritional and medical applications.” Having picked up quite a substantial amount of convertible debt during the first 6 months of the year, the change over from HEPI stock to ZIVO stock could see a return to 0.15 without anyone even taking notice to it.

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Zino Bioscience is pretty much your typical, run of the mill, biotech that has a hand on something that the Company, if funded correctly over time, could reach some breakthrough achievements which could have a huge effect on what they’re trying to accomplish. Back in mid October, CEO Andrew Dahl, addressed the HEPI shareholders to inform them of the changes which had occurred over since their March update as they progress forward with their bovine studies:

· In April of this year, we finalized the design of the overall bovine study, which is composed of three separate trials, determined how we were going to produce and refine our testing samples, and subsequently received a ‘go’ signal from our collaboration partner.

· The study component with the longest lead time was the original culture revival and test sample ramp-up. We contracted the Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota, located at the Bigelow Laboratories in Boothbay Maine, to revive culture samples from the 2003 ATCC deposit, emulate the growing environment from the Company’s previously developed Standard Operating Procedures and then produce enough of the culture so that we could test a sample of the process previously known to show bioactivity. This was a three-month long project in and of itself.

· Simultaneously, the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation, or AzCATI for short, located at the Mesa campus of Arizona State University, engaged in a series of experiments to grow the culture in different bioreactors and finally, in a pond configuration, anticipating large-scale production. Previously, AzCATI scientists had been able to compress the production cycle from months down to days. Now, the work focused on increasing volume while still maintaining the rapid cycle time and the bioactivity.

· In the May-June timeframe, we conducted a pre-pilot bovine study at the UC-Davis agricultural research facility in Tulare County California under the direction of Dairy Experts, a contract research organization. This pre-pilot was designed to provide us with quick feedback on methods of administration and sample preparation before we moved into a much more costly and complex pilot program, to be followed by an even larger primary arm of the study.

· In July of 2014, we concluded our in vitro work with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Dairy Science that began in late December of 2012 to validate our samples using primary bovine mammary epithelial cells.

· As announced previously, an interim capital raise in mid-July allowed us to proceed with the bovine pilot program, which commenced in mid-August at the Tulare County facility and continues to this day. This is a 32-cow study, of which 8 cows were untreated, and the balance treated with one of three modalities: oral, subcutaneous injection and intra-mammary intubation. This pilot followed the protocols and procedures agreed to in the April study design and approved by our collaboration partner.

· The results of the pilot arm of this study are just becoming available. It’s a complex study with dozens of data points for each animal. This chart begins to comprehend one single factor – milk quality. Additional statistical analysis will be necessary to arrive at processed data acceptable to our collaboration partner, but we are able to draw a few observations from this raw data, namely that there is a clear trend for improved milk appearance in the intra-mammary treatment group. 7 out of 8 animals had normal milk production 7 days after treatment while the untreated group consistently showed poor milk quality and outward signs of infection. There are literally dozens of other data points, including culturing of infected mucus and sampling of tissue that will take a few more weeks to analyze. We’re of course very excited to see that even these early results show a promising trend.

The 2 1/2 year move from making and selling a single algae-infused water product to taking steps toward becoming a research-based licensor of intellectual property has been cumbersome, yet extremely profitable when timed correctly. During the past 2 years, shares of the now ZIVO stock have right around where they are now to as high as 0.53 with bounces along the way down, never breaking past 0.09 or topping 1,000,000 shares traded in a session.

Although ticker symbol changes rarely spark any rally charges towards them unless they are a future pump and dump, the chart indicates that ZIVO shares are near their 2 year bottom. even though the most recent debt issuance was for around 0.065 per share, there is sure to be more of that to come before eventually increasing their authorized shares or doing a reverse stock split.

As Dahl mentions in his shareholder report: The capital requirements to ramp up production haven’t changed since we presented the concept last year – easily $30 million or more to get started, plus marketing. While ZIVO Bioscience is in no condition to be able to fund that in anyway according to their last 10Q filing, the bounce off near 2-year lows could be worth the entrance fee to what was originally started as Western Glory Hole Inc (WSGH) over a decade ago even though everything is indicating SELL.

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About ZIVO Stock

Zivo Bioscience, Inc. is a development stage biotech company dedicated to the study, development, and commercialization of naturally derived compounds and bioactive molecules created by algal and bacterial hosts.

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Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 127,280,427

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
11/07/14 0.1000 0.1170 0.1000 0.1100 +0.0060 +5.77% 142,400
11/06/14 0.1099 0.1099 0.0990 0.1040 +0.0050 +5.05% 49,700
11/05/14 0.0990 0.1020 0.0917 0.0990 -0.0028 -2.75% 159,700
11/04/14 0.1000 0.1049 0.0931 0.1018 +0.0022 +2.21% 48,500
11/03/14 0.1050 0.1050 0.0996 0.0996 -0.0184 -15.59% 110,900


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