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On the hunt for the next 10 bagger, we stumbled across a penny stock on the hunt for domestic petroleum. American Petro-Hunter Inc. (AAPH), an oil and gas explorer focused currently on the Kansas Mississippi-Osage Project, looks like it’s about to start gushing up the charts. Due to release their Q3 numbers soon and having recently renegotiated their working interest take with Warpaint Kansas, LP, AAPH stock is on watch for a quick climb up the PPS ladder and an easy target for some triple-digit gains.

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Market Cap: 1.83M
Last: 0.0288 ▲ +0.0003 (+1.05%)
Volume: 397,277
Dollar Volume: $9,658
Open: 0.03
High: 0.03
Low: 0.022
Trades: 21
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 63,465,597
14-Day Rel Strength: 52.07%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0319
1st Support Level: 0.0239

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American Petro-Hunter is no stranger when it comes to getting dirty and doing some drilling in order to make a couple of bucks on he oil produced from their efforts. As of September 5, 2013, the Company had 6 producing wells in Oklahoma and ownership of 1,410.7 net acres and rights for the exploration and production of oil and gas on an aggregate of approximately 4,733.8 gross acres in Oklahoma.

Over the course of the first 6 months of 2013, American Petro-Hunter banged in $75,009 worth of revenues, a drop in the bucket compared to the $187,677 they had booked during the same period last year, but they were selling an average of 13.1 cumulative barrels per day during 2012. Their most recent 15,000 acre, central Kansas venture has the Company targeting for a potential of 200 barrels per day from the new wells to be drilled which they have an 80% working interest in.

When news of the Kansas deal broke, AAPH stock was trading at well under 0.02 on little to no volume. Slowly, but surely, as volume continued to increase to well over 3 million shares traded, AAPH stock responded i-kind by climbing to as high as 0.08 in late September.

Recently, the Company filed a prospectus for the resale of up to 16,182,230 shares of AAPH stock which Hanover Holdings I, LLC, one of American Petro-Hunter’s main financiers has the rights to. Even though the conversion price was changed back in April to just 0.008 for most of the Hanover Holdings I debt, there should be little to n reason for AAPH stock to not see some re-appreciation of its share price between now and the reporting of their Q3 numbers.

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About AAPH Stock

American Petro-Hunter Inc., by way of acquiring certain natural resource projects with the intent of developing such projects, is a development stage company in the oil and gas industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for AAPH.
Click here to view the website for American Petro-Hunter.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/17/13 0.0300 0.0300 0.0220 0.0288 +0.0003 +1.05% 397,277
10/16/13 0.0261 0.0285 0.0211 0.0285 +0.0015 +5.56% 1,073,100
10/15/13 0.0350 0.0350 0.0250 0.0270 -0.0070 -20.59% 511,000
10/14/13 0.0500 0.0500 0.0257 0.0340 +0.0070 +25.93% 2,054,800
10/11/13 0.0210 0.0280 0.0210 0.0270 +0.0050 +22.73% 1,073,300


Bottom Line:

Oil and gas explorers like AAPH are always great for some slow, steady swings when they are actually bringing home some bacon from their efforts out in the oilfields. Seeing as how a double in price for this penny stock could easily transpire off of a simple PR with some better than expected news of their wells being drilled in Kansas, AAPH stock deserves a bit of attention for anyone looking to grab a quick score.

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