Six Penny Stocks To Watch This Week: SNPK, OREO, MYRY, VGPR, SNDY, AAPH

Six penny stocks to watch that are begging for entrants this week are SNPK, OREO, MYRY, VGPR, SNDY, and AAPH. Entering into a penny stock is rather simple because most penny stock traders can draw the same trend-lines and breakout spots. Anybody with a writing utensil can draw a trend-line and buy a penny stock, but the guys that stay investing in penny stocks long term know how to maximize their profits and let those winners run.

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If you want to make it in this business, you need to adopt a style. A winning style is to sell out piece by piece as a penny stock starts its initial thrust. Selling off a partial 1/3 or 1/2 position when you are in a profit position alleviates your risk. Now you’ll be dealing from a position of strength where you can alter your stop loss to your buy price to lower your risk to ZERO on the trade. This style can be used on any of the following 6 penny stocks, or any stocks for that matter.

Sunpeaks Ventures (OTCBB: SNPK.OB)

SNPK has been a “bust” since day one when the penny stock came out like gangbusters onto the exchange a couple weeks ago. After trading $60 million in volume the first day, SNPK is slowly edging lower and lower in volume trading with their excessively desperate public awareness campaign. The campaign has become almost as desperate as the new Clotamin Spokesperson’s, NBA Coach Paul Silas, desperation to have his team not be publicly humiliated game after game on the NBA court.

As of April 2, 2012, SNPK’s Clotamin advertisements are scheduled to air on National TV, reaching out to all citizens who are on blood thinners. Walgreens and a couple of Hispanic grocery/pharmacy chains in Western Dade and Broward counties have been mentioned as suppliers of Clotamin for OTC purchase. SNPK traded less than 8 million shares on Friday to close at 0.647, down -1.97%. The sun has peaked for Sunpeaks stock and bag-holders who still have NSRS hoping for a comeback will be able to do the same with SNPK.

American Liberty Petroleum (OTCBB: OREO.OB)

OREO has been on a run since late February when the penny stock traded 100 shares and closed at $1.00. OREO has been building momentum with the prospect of drilling for oil and the tensions from the Middle East. Volume on OREO has been healthy for the last two weeks and the PPS has tried to reach out and grab $2.00 4 times in the last two weeks.

With a 10-Day Average Volume of 519,800 and a Float of 37.80 Million, OREO could soon see the hot-air come out of the balloon and see the PPS come back down quick to match the Cash reported in the 10Q OREO filed two weeks ago.

Myriad Interactive Media (OTCBB: MYRY.OB)

MYRY is another interactive marketing company that designs and develops customized marketing plans, social media marketing campaigns, pay-per-click, and SEO marketing. A slew of these types of companies have been hitting the marketplace trying to capitalize on Google’s changes to their search engine ranking algorithm and Facebook’s upcoming IPO success.

MYRY laid out their plan of attack for Brazil on Valentine’s Day and did it like most typical U.S. Households would have done: by also reporting they had $596 in the bank and current liabilities of $78,184 consisting entirely of accounts payable. MYRY traded 3,500 shares Friday which is pretty much in-line with their 10-Day Average Volume (4,233). If you get in MYRY Monday, plan your trade and get out quick because this isn’t a penny stock you want to get stuck holding at the closing bell.

Vega BioFuels (PinkSheets: VGPR.PK)

VGPR announced a little more than a week ago plans to build a manufacturing plant in Cordele, Georgia that will manufacture bio-coal from timber waste. Europeans apparently have a desire for this and VGPR have plans to begin shipping to Europe in Q1, 2013. No doubt that VGPR is building in the right place since Georgia’s BioEnergy Corridor ranks 3rd in the U.S. as a potential source of renewable energy.

Biomass – Trash/Waste/Crap When I lived in Jacksonville they had a saying: “You know why the Suwannee River flows North? Cuz Georgia Sucks.” VGPR has no filings with the SEC regarding assets or revenue so it’s safe to assume there are none. VGPR traded  7.94 million shares Friday to close just barley over a penny: 0.0102

Solos Endoscopy (Pinksheets: SNDY.PK)

SNDY had a mention in a PR news release that coupled the pinksheets penny stock next to Opko Health which is run by Forbes listed Billionaire Dr. Philip Frost who is worth $2.3 Billion. SNDY plans to be a specialist in endoscopy medical equipment.  Most medical devices don’t require FDA proof that they are safe for use or have been clinically tested and effective before they can be distributed and sold; Kinda like a pinksheets penny stock.

SNDY has been on a run as well having traded 92.13 million shares on Friday to close at 0.017, up 51.79%. That’s great and all but when you crunch those numbers; SNDY had 1,022 trades executed worth $1,356,938. Pretty good for a penny stock that doesn’t disclose its financial information with the SEC.

American Petro-Hunter (OTCBB: AAPH.OB)

AAPH is unique to this list because they “actually” produce something. AAPH announced its 1st shipment of 1,000 barrels of oil just over a week ago. AAPH has wells in production right now. If AAPH production stays at that level for that “ONE” well, it will produce $25,000/day, $175,000/week, $750,000/month or over $8 Million for the year. AAPH’s newest well brings them to 8 currently producing wells.

AAPH announced Friday that they intend to drill an additional 5 horizontal wells this year with the same potential as NOM 3-H and expects to start the first one in the next week or so. AAPH PPS has been on a steady incline since mid-March. With $214,075 in revenues for the first 9 months of 2011, AAPH could be the one listed penny stock here worth going long on. AAPH traded nearly 1.2 million shares Friday to close at 0.429, up 24.35%.

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