PWEI | APS Re-Pumping PacWest Equities Is A Real Shocker

PWEI Stock, PacWest Equities, Awesome Penny StocksThe premium subscribers to Awesome Penny Stocks got handed a lump of coal well in advance of Christmas today when they announced that PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEI) was their newest pick. Pumped already last year by their affiliates at Victory Mark, re-pumping the pinksheet listed PWEI stock is more like putting all three in your stink rather than just one. News, PR, whatever it may be, if you don’t think that this is the 2nd coming of VLNX, ram your head into the wall a couple times and then reconsider your position on that thought when you realize Poop Will Eat Itself.

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PWEI Stock Quote

Market Cap: 124.39M
Last: 0.087 ▲ +0.0369 (73.65%)
Volume: 154,435,333
Dollar Volume: $11,637,267
Open: 0.056
High: 0.095
Low: 0.056
Trades: 2,783
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,468,480,429
14-Day Rel Strength: Who
1st Resistance Point: Really
1st Support Level: Cares

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The words could not be more medieval as were scripted in the premium subscriber’s alert which came out at the opening bell:

As always since you are a premium subscriber you have the edge. You have the advantage of being able to buy PWEI before millions of other ‘free’ members get alerted. Thanks to this you will make extra gains of at least 10-20% over everyone else.

We won’t bore you any longer. Go ahead and buy as much PWEI as you can. We will be sending the full report on the company later today and subsequently throughout the week. That will give you all the “meat and potatoes” information that will convince you to potentially increase your position for a longer term strategy on PWEI.

Talk about sending the women and children first to take on the bullets that are going to come flying at them when they dump the hell out of PWEI stock – AGAIN – like they did last year. Oh yeah, they didn’t do it, Victory Mark did who APS joined on the XUII pump but isn’t APS cause they aren’t under the Degroupa Tenner Morales Media Corp. umbrella.

For those who aren’t familiar with Awesome Penny Stocks and how to play them, just think of Cocaine. Whether you did it before or not, the story behind doing a line is that the buzz is never as good as the first time which is pretty much in line with how APS got to be who they are today.

Back in December, 2011, APS came out with North Springs Resources (NSRS) as their pick right after their previous pick, Amwest Imaging, Inc. (AMWI) had ended a quick run which was shorted to death in tandem with some high leveraged negative PR.

NSRS stock ran from the day before the Christmas break in 2011 until February 7, 2012 (29 trading sessions) and put up gains of up to 1,128.57% from bottom to top. Prior to that, Awesome Penny Stocks was no better than any other awareness group which covers the OTC markets.

Soon after NSRS collapsed from it’s highs, other pump and dumps followed like Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK), Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU), Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX), Pristine Solutions (PRTN) and TagLikeMe (TAGG). They put up gains of 742%, 387.5%, 191.85%, 196.75% and 727.41%, respectively, from the lowest possible entry point to the highest possible exit. In comparison, like doing a rail, the highs never have been able to match or beat the very first time.

There were a few other quick cash grabs pumped by the crew after TAGG stock which threw up some decent short runs. Superior Ventures (SVEN), World Moto (FARE) and Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) preceded Xumanii (XUII), the last APS pump. None of the 3 were able to go past a month or so and none even came close to SNPK or TAGG type gains, let alone NSRS type 10-bagger returns.

Oh, and who could forget about Goff Corp. (GOFF). What started on March 18th and ended abruptly just 3 weeks later, GOFF stock offered eager beavers a chance to nearly 2X their money from the high 20’s on day one to a peak of 0.65 before they released the dam.

Newbie traders must also remember that long-time Market Maker for APS, Wilson Davis Co. (WDCO) pretty much went broke at the beginning of the year when attempting to short Lot78 Inc. (LOTE). One of our picks when it was just 0.93, LOTE stock ran like an Ethiopian marathon runner, breaking past $21 a share and crippling the short sellers. However it happened, WDCO seemed to resurface during the 3-month long XUII promotion and should be an active participant on the day one price control of PWEI dumpage.

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About PWEI Stock

PacWest Equities, Inc. s a development stage company focused on working with under performing companies and bringing together the resources needed for them to attain financial stability and growth.

Click here to view the financial filings for PWEI on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for PacWest Equities Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
09/12/13 0.0844 +0.0343 +68.46% 148,268,875
09/11/13 0.0501 +0.0046 +10.11% 7,462,400
09/10/13 0.0455 +0.0005 +1.11% 3,654,500
09/09/13 0.0450 -0.0140 -23.73% 2,490,800
09/06/13 0.0590 +0.0090 +18.00% 800,800


Bottom Line:

Avoid PWEI like the plague. If you already fell for the Awesome Penny Stocks scam, sell PWEI stock as quickly as possible and thank your lucky stars if you only lose on the commissions.

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