What Makes Great Wall Builders GWBU Stock So Great?

Shares of Great Wall Builders Inc.’s (OTC: GWBU) stock have been trading like oxy in a drug rehab center the past few days and for no apparent reason except unconfirmed rumors. GWBU stock price was $0.40 at the beginning of the month with no volume at all. Now with banner ads having been spotted and fake “we’ve been hacked” comments flying, GWBU stock is now leading the top penny stocks lists in trades and dollar volume having traded over $21.5 million in the last trading session. It’s time to dig deep and see what makes someone want to buy GWBU stock.

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GWBU Stock Chart:

Market Cap: 392.40M
Shares Outstanding: 360.00M

On November 22, 2011, GWBU approved a 75 : 1 forward split, which increased the number of issued and outstanding common shares from 4.80 million common shares to 360 million common shares.

Ok, so a company that is registered as a Texas Corp. that has an address in Vero Beach, Florida (where nothing exists except Dodgertown), planning to build solar integrated houses in Texas and China that forward split their stock 6 months ago 75:1 that has reported no revenues since inception and had no cash as per their last 10-Q that has now merged with a company connected directly to at least two former pump and dump scams which has changed its name and business plan to make deisel engines more fuel efficient in Europe. I think that makes sense, doesn’t it?

In April, Great Wall Builders acquired all of the assets of dPollution International, Inc. Well, dPollution International is actually DPOLLUTION International Inc. (Pinksheets: RMGX). RMGX stock is all owned by Rocco Di Fruscia, dPollution’s President, CEO, CFO and sole employee. But wait, RGMX is still listed on the pink sheets, however, dPollution trades on the Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol XYO1.F.(see press releases below)

Here is a letter Rocco issued to shareholders he issued in January 2011.

Ram Gold & Exploration, Inc. originally traded under the symbol RGMX and acquired dPollution in July of 2010. Ram Gold announced the acquisition of Dpollution Inc. and the board of Directors of the company: Mr. Rocco Di Fruscia, President/Secretary & CEO Dpollution Inc. Management Team, Mr. Rocco Di Fruscia, President, Mr. Bernard Royer, Vice-President and Mr. Orson Nurse, Vice-President/Marketing for the Americas.(sourceEven better than that, dPollution’s listed address is the same address Wave Technology Group Inc. was registered under until July, 2011 when it changed to eMamba International Corp. (Pinksheets: EMBA) that was pumped and dumped in 2011.

Rocco was also the CEO of Horizon Health International Corp. (Pinksheets: HZHI) in 2010 which went into the crapper like EMBA did and like GWBU is going to.

Now, this new press release that Great Wall Builders put out on the 9th stating they no longer want to be referred to as Great Wall Builders: call us Start Technologies Europe I.G. Start What? Start to look for a way to get out of the stock without getting burnt?

The press release says that the Company acquired all the assets of dPollution International, Inc. dPollution International owned the intellectual property, manufacturing rights, and marketing rights to the Start Fuel Efficiency and Emission Device (FEED) unit, and that the patent pending fuel-conditioning technology has been shown to reduce polluting emissions and increase engine efficiency/mileage, and that the Start FEED technology has reached the commercialization stage, and that the Company continues to test and demonstrate the device with potential clients around the world.

Really?  Did dPollution (GWBU) pollute their pump?

In June of last year, dPollution claimed that EvoBus GmbH had certified the Start-brand fuel efficiency and emission reduction device as “Approved” for installation on its Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus lines in Italy. (see here)

Also in June of last year, dPollution claimed that that Italian truck and bus manufacturer Iveco had certified the Start-brand fuel efficiency and emission reduction device as “warranty approved” on its full line of diesel engines. (see here)

Amazing how such great certification can have a stock price of $0.01 with a 52 week high of $0.16 before they found another “vessel” to use for a ride.

Reading the dPollution press releases and visiting their website (www.dPollution.com), the message you get is:

The Universe Is Unfolding as It Should

dPollution has changed its name and moved to a new home.
We’re now called Start Scientific Inc.
Our new address is www.startscientific.com.
If you are not redirected to our new website in a few seconds, please click here.
Start Scientific continues to trade on the Pink Sheets under the symbol RMGX.

Funny how the Start Scientific website is exactly the same as the Start Technologies site.

GWBU Stock Summary:

The Great Walls Builder pump is nothing more than a scam pump and dump to collect emails to replace all the people who unsubscribed after the SNPK and NSRS pumps.

View the SEC filings for GWBU here.

Bottom Line: Add GWBU stock to the list of penny stocks to watch, especially if you to the risk to buy GWBU stock. Great Walls is a Great Scam with some really sloppy back office administration. This wall is going to come crumbling down so friggin hard that shareholders are gonna get squeezed out of their stop loss orders worse than the SNPK dump.

GWBU is probably going to test $2 on Tuesday and many more are gonna jump in to take a shot at a $10 runner. APS is sticking it up your ass people. When SNPK crashed, it touched $2.40 and hit $0.65 within two hours. Who do you think was buying on the way down? Not SNPK stock lovers. It’s called support. Buy GWBU and play John Cougar Mellancamp’s single “Crumblin Down” (When The Walls) while you trade it.


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