Stock Trading – Types of Orders:

Buy-Sell-HoldTo make the most of your money, there are certain orders you can place for your stocks. There is a lot of technology that will increase your ability to day trade, since this is such a fast moving, demanding industry; you need to have the latest technology to make the most out of your trading. The products for this industry are always changing; stay on top to have the best. It is important to understand what types of orders exist and what you can do with your shares.


1.  The first type of order is a limit order. With most online software, this is the default type of order. You can either set a limit for what you want to buy the stock at, or what you want to sell the stock at. Once you’ve reached that limit in either case, the activity will be completed for you, preventing a loss.

2.  A market order is also known as a not held order. These orders execute at a specific time, they do not have any limitations as to the amount of money the stock is currently up or down. This is a risky strategy and one that most people should not try; it will not bring in the best returns.

3.  A stop loss order sets an upper and lower limit for your stock. It will automatically open or close a market position by buying or selling a stock at that point. For people that aren’t active with their accounts this is great. For day traders you can set a stop loss point, and once it gets to that point it will sell, you don’t have to watch it every second. If the 30 day trend is telling you it hasn’t gone past $4 a share, you may set a stop loss at $3.50 to sell, knowing that is the best you will get.

4.  A trailing stop is a smart order; it will adjust the order based on the changes in the market price. As the market increases, the trailing stop increases also. So, if your prediction was off, and it went far above what you predicted, with a trailing stop it will keep setting limit as the stock increases in value. That way, if it starts going back down, your trailing stop will kick in and help you make the most money.

5.  A market on close order or MOC is very easy to understand. You may want to set your day trades to do this at the end of the day if you don’t get to them. Of course, since this simply tied to the market closing, you never know what your profits will be with an option like this. However, if you truly day trade, it will get rid of the stocks you didn’t at the end of the day.

Knowing the different orders you can place will help you become a quality day trader. Using online software can provide you will many benefits that will increase your productivity and hopefully your profitability. By truly understanding how the orders work, you’ll be able to place them on your stocks.

Since day traders make a lot of buys and sells on a daily basis, it is important to use technology to get the most out of it. If you get overwhelmed, the technology can help carry you through. By setting the right technologies to the right stock, you will never have to worry about your emotions getting the best of you.

Day Trading can also be accomplished in the Forex market using tools provided to you by companies like FXCM. Just remember, you will always need a set plan for your trades before jumping in.

If you’re looking for an exciting career where there is unlimited growth potential, check out day trading. With the proper tools, the proper research, the right equipment, and the dedication you can turn into a successful day trader. Be sure to fully understand the stock market before you jump in it and start investing.

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