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In 2010, did any broker or newsletters tell you about OceanFreight Inc.?

May 27, 2010 we profiled OceanFreight Inc. (Nasdaq:OCNF) at $0.48 as our featured potential break out prospect. Facing the possibility of being delisted from the Nasdaq, OCNF rose its share price to match its business model so well that DryShips Inc. (Nasdaq:DRYS) acquired OCNF in July, 2011 for $19.85 a share. That’s a 4,035% Gain!

Did your broker or newsletters tell you about Anadys Pharmaceutical Inc.?

October 4, 2011 we profiled Anadys Pharmacuetical (Nasdaq:ANDS) at $0.89 as our featured potential break out prospect. October 17th, Roche announced they were acquiring ANDS for $3.65 per share in an all-cash transaction. That’s a 310% Gain in just 2 weeks!

In 2011, we had such an amazing year, here are just a few of the winners from Q4:

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We strive to provide you with the hottest stock alerts in the market in Real-Time! We focus on stocks that trade for $5 per share or less, some as little as a few pennies with HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL! Our goal is to inform you of the BEST stocks in the market before they move and in REAL-TIME.

These are the services we dedicate ourselves to.

Penny Stock companies need to coverage, their moment in the spotlight, so they hire investor relation and public relations firms who then design advertising campaigns to generate exposure to the investment world. When a Penny Stock makes a HUGE price gain, it can almost always be traced back to one of these exposure programs.

We offer a one-stop resource for information on a number of Micro-Cap companies that are active. We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of publicly traded companies from all areas and service sectors within the OTC, AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE Markets.

Investment opportunities rise and fall quickly on the public markets, and retail investors often find themselves overwhelmed with the information and determining whether or not it’s the right time to invest. This is where we at AimHighProfits step in.

AimHighProfits has all the latest information on the hot penny stocks readily available for review by every investor, big or small. is a website devoted to Micro-Cap and Penny Stocks. The site also offers daily and weekly write-ups of American Stocks and Penny Stocks to Watch as well as an intricate amount of information for beginning investors.

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