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Our mission is to provide you with the Best Penny Stock Picks with Alerts.

We strive to provide you with the hottest stock alerts in the market in Real-Time! We focus on stocks that trade for $5 per share or less, some as little as a few pennies with HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL! Our goal is to inform you of the BEST stocks in the market before they move and in REAL-TIME.

Picks and Alerts that are ready to EXPLODE in the short-term.

These are the services we dedicate ourselves to.

Many found AimHighProfits when it was featured on CNBC for finding a stock that was 0.25 which, after a multi-week run, surpassed $22 a share – 8,700% of potential gains!  

Here’s a recent example from the week of November 16, 2015 of what we do:



CAPV shares traded between 0.003-0.0035 the day of that Twitter Alert.  

We made sure subscribers to our newsletter were made aware of it.  While two days after, it was looking good when CAPV shares rose to 0.01, the fireworks came the next day when CAPV hit 0.028 for gains of 833% from our 0.003 alert – BUT GOT EVEN HOTTER Monday when CAPV traded above 0.07…



CAPV Stock



Penny Stocks are a fast way to make (and lose) money and, over the past half-decade, AimHighProfits has made a name for ourselves of picking some of the most incredible winners in advance of their moments in the spotlight.

We offer a one-stop resource for information on a number of Micro-Cap companies that are active.  We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of publicly traded companies from all areas and service sectors within the OTC, AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE Markets that, when they trigger a reason for an upward run, we make sure to get our subscribers aware of it.

Retail investors without proper scanners, support groups or an understanding of who is behind a particular ticker often find themselves overwhelmed with information.  

AimHighProfits has all the latest information on the hot penny stocks readily available for review by every investor, big or small. is a website devoted to Micro-Cap and Penny Stocks.  The site also offers daily and weekly write-ups of American Stocks and Penny Stocks to Watch as well as an intricate amount of information for beginning investors.

Visitors are encouraged to sign up for FREE to the newsletter list to receive articles, profiles, picks, real-time alerts and much more directly to their email account of choice.  Focused on High Profits, we’re a dependable name in the Penny Stock Investor Community.

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