No Rainbows In The Future For Vapor Hub Intl (VHUB)

VHUB Stock, $VHUB, #VHUB, VHUB Stock Scam, VHUB scam,The warning signs penny stock traders look for are beginning to circle around Vapor Hub International Inc. (VHUB) to such an extent that holding overnight this week could be one of the most costly mistakes made. Having just completed it’s fourth run since the initial dumping of VHUB stock back on April 10, a Seeking Alpha contributor’s article which was published prior to the opening bell on Friday has created a well-deserved panic amongst shareholders. Seeing as how the “Stock Realist” has been a day or two ahead of some high profiled SEC suspensions on the OTC, flipping, rather than holding, is the best case scenario heading into the first week of June.

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Market Cap: 38.11M
Last: 0.56 ▼ -0.075 (-11.81%)
Volume: 1,481,583
Dollar Volume: $843,665
Open: 0.635
High: 0.635
Low: 0.52
Trades: 503
14-Day RSI: 51.27%
1st Resistance Point: 0.6233
1st Support Level: 0.5083
52Wk High: 2.01
52Wk Low: 0.265

Being pushed by the Brighton Group and using the momentum of another e-Cig’s recent success, Vapor Corp. (VPCO), which last week uplisted from the OTC onto the Nasdaq exchange, Vapor Hub International and their exclusive distribution agreement with SoCal Vape Bar and Lounge, Inc. which was announced on Friday now seems to all be worthless catalysts for VHUB stock. The Company’s Q filing for the 3 months ended March 31, 2014 was doing it’s best to help create a buzz after net income equal to an average trade on VHUB stock, $3,413, had created some optimism which had helped the shares rise nearly 100% from 0.381 to 0.6449 before Friday’s collapse.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the SEC has it out for these multi-million dollar promotional teams that have backed some of the most profitable penny stocks traders have embarked on over the past 3 years. The group behind the VHUB promotion made their mark back in 2012 when Independence Energy Corp. (IDNG) became a huge success up until their stock split which, immediately following, collapsed the shares to an unrecoverable level, forcing investors who held on for the split to lose all of the gains they had been accumulating prior to the event.

Other successful promotions that were conducted included Punchline Resources Ltd. (PUNL) in late 2012 and Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN) which kicked off 2013 with gains of up to 487% when the shares rose from 0.57 to as high as $3.35 over the course of 6 weeks. With VHUB having just reported revenues of $188,540 for the 3 months ended March 31, 2014 and preparing for its biggest event ever as a “Diamond” sponsor at the largest vaping expo to date, the World Vapor Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center on June 6, 7, & 8, 2014, optimism of the shares rising to new highs would be the consensus had it not been for a reality check that circulated prior to Friday’s session.

Considering the “Iron Fist” that has brought down some of the most highly profiled tickers on the OTC markets this year that have danced in the arena of marijuana, there is no doubt that a microscope is on VHUB stock.

Another big rick play to hold overnight this week is Rainbow International, Corp. (RNBI) which is also claiming to be a “marijuana stock” with trusted editor, Allan Trustein, being the voice for and If it hasn’t been made clear that the Awesome Penny Stocks group is responsible for creating the recent disaster of suspensions to hit the OTC Markets, then perhaps a bit of due diligence on the subject matter will turn on the lights as to why both RNBI stock and VHUB are two that you don’t want to be holding after the closing bell anymore.

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About VHUB Stock

Vapor Hub International Inc. is a development stage, California-based company engaged in the development, production, and sales of electronic cigarette products, including high quality e-liquids, custom vaporizers, and unique personal vaporizer modifications.

Click here to view the SEC filings for VHUB.
Click here to view the website for Vapor Hub International.

Authorized: 140,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 68,060,001

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
05/30/14 0.6350 0.6350 0.5200 0.5600 -0.0750 -11.81% 1,481,500
05/29/14 0.6200 0.6449 0.6180 0.6350 +0.0300 +4.96% 688,000
05/28/14 0.5750 0.6300 0.5700 0.6050 +0.0450 +8.04% 753,500
05/27/14 0.5650 0.5750 0.5500 0.5600 unch unch 300,300
05/23/14 0.5590 0.5750 0.5500 0.5600 +0.0100 +1.82% 247,500


Bottom Line:

VHUB stock has had some very decent runs to partner with their incredibly huge drops over the past 2 months. Now that is clearly a higher risk penny stock in comparison to other promoted tickers, VHUB and RNBI should be eliminated from your overnight portfolio due to the increased possibility that either one could be suspended before the end of the week.

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