GOFF | Goofy Alerts Making Goff Corp. Look Less Than Good

GOFF scam, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF Stock, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF Corporation“Cash Grab” or “Vision Plasma Systems Part II” are the only ways to describe the fumbled alert issued by Awesome Penny Stocks on Goff Corporation (OTC: GOFF). News issued Friday about the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Golden Glory Resources S.A., recently acquiring 100% interest in mineral leases in Colombia should have sent a spark of curiosity to traders. With Victory Mark’s alerts coming out before any APS alerts and the Company’s connections to murdered politicians and Irish hitmen, it seems only fitting that the goofy alerts issued on GOFF stock today to all the hungover traders from St. Patrick’s Day would be a cash grab scam just like VLNX stock was last year.

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Market Cap: 79.79M
Last: 0.279 0.149 (114.62%)
Volume: 207,416,385
Dollar Volume: $48,630,218
Open: 0.27
High: 0.35
Low: 0.204
Trades: 3,214
Authorized: 1,875,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 286,000,000
Public Float: 177,250,000

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Originally set up to provide web-based networking and job-placement services for employers and individuals seeking employment in the UK and Ireland, Goff Corp. made some changes last week and forcefully pushed itself into a quick change of direction. With Horwitz, Cron & Armstrong, LLP being the legal counsel for GOFF stock, another pump in a mineral exploration Company in South America right after closing the books on Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) seems to be suspicious.

The suspicion only grew heavier when alerts began going out by Victory Marks’ PennyStockHeroes, SelectPennyStocks and PreferredPennyStocks prior to an alert on GOFF stock to come out from PennyStocks.com pr any other APS sites. Then again, considering that there is a long thread discussing the arrest of an ex-politician on suspicion of conspiracy to murder and connections of GOFF insiders to Irish hitmen (see here), its no wonder they went to Medellin, Colombia, the place Pablo Escobar made famous in the 80’s.

It makes a lot of sense why the Company would make such quick moves to switch their focus since Gary O’Flynn, the original President, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer of Goff Corp., was brought up on charges of first just of being a drunk douchebag and carrying a knife back in December (see here).

After being forced to undergo a psych evaluation in January by the courts in Ireland, the unlucky Leprechaun O’Flynn made headlines on March 5, just two weeks ago, when he was charged with soliciting another man to murder three people (see here). Said to have entered into an Assignment Agreement with Golden Glory Resources S.A., a Panamanian company, on March 8, 2013, Goff Corp., through Golden Glory Resources Inc., their wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired an option to purchase a 100% interest in and to a certain Colombian mining concession known as the La Frontera Project.

Since APS just pumped SWVI stock and their fake Iron Ore mining in Chile, is sound investing in a gold miner the new way to chase gains? As we pointed on on our Part I and Part II of What to expect when your expecting in regards to Awesome Penny Stocks, never once have they followed on in the same sector to push a stock to all their subscribers. What they have done is issue out cash grab alerts like VLNX, RARS and a few others when they prior to Victory Mark being created. With the smell of stink being all over GOFF stock, traders are advised to stay clear form this until the smoke clears which is more likely to be tear gas.

About GOFF Stock

Goff Corporation, through their wholly-owned subsidiary Golden Glory Resources, is engaged in mineral exploration.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GOFF.
Click here to view the website for Golden Glory Resources.

GOFF Stock Trading History:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
03/13/13 0.1300 unch unch 1,000

Bottom Line: Something smells fishy about GOFF being the pick of Awesome Penny Stocks and is best left off the list of OTC stocks to buy today. Expecting to get some huge gains over a month, traders holding onto GOFF stock overnight could find themselves crying in their stale Guinness that’s still sitting on the balcony from last night’s partying. Wait for tomorrow to see if this one plays out before dropping coin on it.

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