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The good ole days of when the big 4, Awesome Penny Stocks, Stock Market Authority, The Bull Exchange and Best Damn Penny Stocks, would send out an alert and any novice investor could expect to see double and triple returns on their money ended over a year ago, but some hope was instilled yesterday morning.  The group some consider to be the remaining members of APS issued their alert on America Resources Exploration (OTC: AREN) prior to the opening bell Tuesday and delivered what none could have ever imagined – a near daily double.  Having witnessed shares of AREN stock both climb to new heights and end the session as the second most traded penny stock on the OTC, the plan to find the next one before it runs has already begun.

Find out more about AREN shares here: $AREN 


Top 10 OTC Stocks Traded Tuesday, August 4

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
AVXL 1.47 +29.20 22,844,155 16,395,913 7,073
AREN 0.685 +70.00 3,338,503 5,625,501 2,758
WNDW 2.80 -18.79 4,773,133 1,465,242 2,145
FNMA 2.40 +5.75 12,910,498 5,486,917 2,042
RHHBY 35.92 -0.08 21,204,857 589,354 1,758
NSRGY 75.45 -0.36 15,348,089 202,734 1,214
OMVS 3.9567 -10.77 2,087,650 523,473 1,045
DANOY 13.82 -0.65 24,747,048 1,790,333 959
FMCC 2.18 +5.99 3,877,797 1,714,484 916
SOUHY 6.23 +2.80 1,800,567 287,863 881


Readers may remember when we covered AREN stock back a week or so ago when shares were trading at around 0.35.  Starting out at under 0.20 less than 10 trading session ago, July 22, the oil and gas company run by Huang Yu has been issuing news for over two months now and delivered yesterday their announcement of acquiring a fractional interest in 56 oil and gas wells located in Ellis and Harper Counties, Oklahoma.

The whole world knows that oil and gas companies are closing their doors across the planet because it costs more to attempt to extract the material than it can be sold for.  Regardless of the fact, a price manipulated, float controlled pump and dump can be based on any business model, whether it be motorcycle taxi meters with FARE or it be on one of the two prime candidates we found for future runs similar to how AREN stock is being promoted.

As mentioned in our initial AREN report, tying down who helped to legally set up the company is a strong indicator as to what might soon become a potential pick to get pumped.  With the direct connection to what is now ViewRay Inc. (VRAY), a company originally set up as Mirax Corp. to sell cellphone cases in Russia, the 1.185763-for-1 forward split and increase in authorized shares from 75 million to 300 million is a clear indicator for VRAY stock to soon see attention.

ViewRay is as real as rain and when searching about the company, one will find that they not only have a decent amount of published press which dates back a few years, but they also had their own SEC filings up until about 3 months ago.  Yes, ViewRay was raising capital via private placements and had themselves lined up for a listing in the near future which begs the question: so why roll into a shell created by the same guy who set up AREN?

Another potential player we’ve mentioned long ago is Bespoke Tricycles Inc. (BPSR) who, set up by Cane Clark Agency, LLC, was created for the purpose of designing, manufacturing, and selling vending tricycles for commercial customers via a UK patent application for a foldable/collapsible tricycle.  Bespoke filed their 14C yesterday for a 1-for-18 forward split and increase in AS from 90,000,000 to 250,000,000.

Although neither BPSR, nor VRAY shares have yet to see any trading action or price quotes as of yet, having had the chance to have gotten some AREN stock back when it was under $0.20 would have any trader dancing the Irish jig after it got alerted on yesterday.  Knowing how the group tends to continue onward with their picks for multiple weeks, the swings after dumps and the imagining of a $1 price quote will keep AREN atop the list of those traders will be watching while the slow month of August crawls along.


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