PWEI | No Real Victory Mark For PacWest Equities Traders

PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc. Victory Mark Stock PicksAll the crack bunnies are hoping today now that Victory Mark has issued their new penny stock pick: PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEI). In a share structure and setup very similar to some recent penny stock alerts that absolutely anhialted traders’ portfolios, PWEI stock is gonna be in the spotlight for the next few days. Problem is, no one really knows what the hell they actually are any more after all their name changes.

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PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc. Victory Mark Stock PicksPWEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 82.52M
Last (10:00AM): 0.1750, up 0.025 (16.67%)
Volume: 32,200,074
Dollar Volume: $6,990,584
High: 0.20
Low: 0.157
Trades: 1,013
Average Trade Size: 31,786
Authorized: 500,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 471,560,143
Float: 156,030,093

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PacWest Equities has been around for over ten years and supposedly is now a green company. They were:

  • Formerly=Competitive Games International, Inc. until 5-2010
  • Formerly=Global Prospecting Ventures, Inc. until 1-07
  • Formerly=Avenue Holdings, Inc. until 1-04
  • Formerly=Dash Industries, Inc. until 11-03

According to their OTCMarkets filing, Global Household Green Cleaning Products are fast becoming the most powerful “technological growth market” and that this industry revenues should easily exceed US$9.32B by 2017. Who the hell cares?

PWEI has spent approximately $4,000 over the last two years on research and development activities. I spend more than that a month on gas. And it cost them $4,000 to develop their flagship product; Green Rhino All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser which is supposed to be the most versatile water based cleaner degreaser you can buy. Show me where you can buy it and tell us all how the heck you plan to produce it, deliver it, market it or even tell someone about it when you have $0 cash as of June 30, 2012. (see here)

About PWEI Stock

PacWest Equities Inc. is a pump and dump that claims to specialize in working with underperforming companies and bringing together the resources needed for them to attain financial stability and growth. The Company focus is on companies showing a positive upside while struggling to bring new technologies and unique products to market.

Bottom Line: PWEI is the most recent big-money play penny stock pump and dump that is eventually going to kill traders when it crashes. Play it, swing it, trade it, ask for certs and hang them in front of your toilet for when you have a squat — whatever you choose. Chances are that PWEI will be trading at half of its current price, 0.175, before Friday.

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