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AGIN stock, OTC AGIN,penny stock alerts, American Graphite Technologies Inc.,Penny stock traders have seen and profited from their fair share of graphite stocks in recent months except one: American Graphite Technologies Inc. (OTC: AGIN). Yesterday, the Company separated itself from their accountants, De Joya Griffith, LLC just two weeks after laying out their business plan in full. With money needed in order to effectively execute the Company’s rights acquired from Cheap Tubes, AGIN stock is due for a breakout volume session any day now and should be watched closely.

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Market Cap: 31.29M
Last: 0.40 (Monday, Jan 7th, 2013)
Volume: 10,200
Open: 0.85
High: 0.85
Low: 0.40
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 78,218,750

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At the end of 2012, American Graphite Technologies laid out their business plan after entering into a non-exclusive technology license agreement for patent and trade secret technology in the field of Graphene oxide or “Bucky” paper with Cheap Tubes Inc. Looking like old-fashioned typewriter carbon paper, but stronger than an equivalent mass of steel, Bucky Paper is a strong and lightweight substance manufactured from compressed carbon nanotubes, which are long, cylindrical carbon structures consisting of hexagonal graphite molecules attached at the edges.

The Company scored the deal back on December 3, 2012 and owe another $240,000 after paying $10,000 at the execution date. Note, when we first uncovered AGIN stock back in August, Rick Walchuk, the sole director and officer of American Graphite Technologies Inc, acquired 98% of the Company, 12 million pre-forward split shares, for an aggregate total of $350,000. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill penny stock.

Under the agreement, Cheap Tubes or the recently creates CTI Nanotechnologies LLC will manufacture the Bucky Paper products on behalf of American Graphite Technologies. Although they will have no rights to sub-license the Proprietary Rights to a third party, Cheap Tubes will have the right to market and distribute Bucky Paper products, subject to 40% of the Net Cheap Tubes Sales Revenue for Bucky Paper until the amount American Graphite receives the $250,000 investment, regardless of whether the Company or Cheap Tubes are the ultimate vendors on the sale.

More funds are due after the initial funds are received on a declining scale:30% of the $250,000 until an amount equal to 20% has been received, 25% for the next five years and 20% for the remaining five years.

Looking at the deal in its entirety, American Graphite Technologies looks better from within than USA Graphite Inc. (USGT) or Graphite Corp. (GRPH). With the gains each of these brought during their awareness campaigns, AGIN stock is a must have on your watch list for that first day when volume breakout  Watch the bid/ask closely for the MM’s to gang up on this one in the coming trading sessions.

About AGIN Stock

American Graphite Technologies Inc., a development company, is focused on securing domestic graphite mining opportunities and the commercialization of graphene specific proprietary technology methods. Click here to view the SEC filings for AGIN, here to view their website.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/07/13 0.4000 unch unch 10,200
01/03/13 0.4000 -0.4000 -50.00% 1,000
12/28/12 0.8000 unch unch 2,000
12/27/12 0.8000 -0.0500 -5.88% 2,000
12/06/12 0.8500 unch unch 1,000


Bottom Line: The lack of activity so far is a great opportunity to get AGIN on the list of penny stocks to watch. Based on the deal with Clean Tubes, the company is looking to move forward quickly without wasting time with manufacturing or mining which is a great direction for AGIN stock to see some quick returns of PR announcements.

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