AMWI – Proceed with Extreme Caution!

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksEver since we first profiled AMWI on November 21st, the stock took off like gang-busters. We won’t take credit for their strong run or their demise since we were not compensated $1 or 1 share for our commentary on AMWI.

Anytime you can make nearly 10x your money is a good time but further investigating and a key error on AMWI‘s part has led us to believe that any further involvement with this stock will only lead to losses.

Yesterday we made a point to alert regarding the Insider Trading of AMWI.

  • AMWI announced the resignation of CEO Jason Gerteisen as the company’s Treasurer on December 12th.
  • The same CEO Jason Gerteisen, who reported December 7th to be the owner of 138,500,000 shares of AMWI, one day prior to AMWI‘s essential “lift off” as the stock ran to as high as $1.39.
  • Of the 62 million plus shares that traded on December 8th as the company ran towards the $1.40 level until around 2:00PM, as well as the almost 70 million shares that traded on the 9th as AMWI continued downwards, it’s hard to say how many, if any, were of those claimed by AMWI‘s CEO. However, indications like this where, as we profiled yesterday before the market open as seen here, it is hard to involve your hard earned money in a stock that seems to be riding the hot air in the atmosphere.

The longer an issue stays in the spotlight…the worse.

There are always one or more good reasons as to WHY a company is trading on the OTC.

Serious Traders looking to Profit on AMWI under the current conditions should read here to find out How To Swing Trade.

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