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AMWI – No Insider Trading of Record:

Records indicate that insiders in Amwest Imaging, Inc. (AMWI) have not traded AMWI stock in the open market in the past 12 months. It can be disappointing to view the insider trading history of a company and see hardly any insider trading activity.

But a lack of insider trading activity actually tells you something in most every instance.

If a stock has tanked and you think it has finally bottomed out, a lack of insider buying may be telling you there is still some downside. This would be particularly true if there had been some active buyers in the past.

If you own AMWI and it has doubled in price and you’re wondering if you should start taking some profits, find out if insiders are selling. If not, maybe you should let at least some of your winning position ride. Take another look at the company proxy, or call up the company IR and find out what amount of stock options insiders like CEO, CFO, and Directors have and if they have vested. 

It would be an extremely bullish sign if insiders weren’t even exercising options after the stock rose so much.  

buy penny stocks, penny stocks, penny stock alerts, hot penny stocks, hottest penny stocks, best penny stocksNote: Tuesday, AMWI reported the resignation of Mr. Jason Gerteisen as the Company’s Treasurer. Jason Gerteisen is the owner of 138,500,000 shares. 

This could have a tremendous impact if he was to dump those shares within AMWI’s Average Daily Volume of 48,624,700.

AMWI has been flirting with the $0.50, 50 cent, range for a few days now ultimately settling at around $0.30, 30 cents, at the close yesterday. That is much lower than it’s high of $1.50 a few days ago, but still much higher than our initial alert at $0.174, 17.4 cents, on November 25th.

If (keyword: If) AMWI could return to last week’s high, you would be looking at around 500% in gains from current levels. We know that AMWI has a strong base in the $0.20-$0.30, 20-30 cent range, as it has been bouncing up substantially every time it reaches those levels. Today could definitely be an exciting day for AMWI as many expect a nice bounce.

Short positions are still very present, and can still get squeezed up given the right circumstances.

Owners and watchers witnessed one of those squeezes first hand last week with AMWI when it ran up to $1.50.

Be sure to keep watching AMWI. Investors who did buy and hold AMWI since the initial alert are already up and we are all hoping to see even much more!

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