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CLDS, CLDS Stock, OTC CLDS, CLDS Stock Quote, Cloud Star CorporationAfter the epic moves Red Giant Entertainment (REDG) offered last week, we couldn’t hold back any longer from telling you what we already told you three weeks ago: Cloud Star Corporation (CLDS) is our “Pick Of The Month”! CLDS stock is literally inches away from setting new highs! The last month has been an amazing run, up over 78% since our initial coverage, and it’s only getting started!

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Market Cap: 135.11M
Last: 1.39  +0.05 (+3.73%)
Volume: 518,300
Dollar Volume: $719,052
Open: 1.35
High: 1.43
Low: 1.34
Trades: 399
14-Day Rel Strength: 76.54%
14-Day Stochastic: 89.04%

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Why is CLDS the best cloud computing focused Company out there?

CLDS‘ next generation technology puts up what could be an impenetrable barrier to cybercrime and spying!

Cloud Star’s flagship product, MyComputerKey™ is a proprietary, patent-pending technology that provides a secure multi-factor validation and authentication system for cloud-based infrastructures and protects data accessed from remote locations worldwide.

The product is a custom-designed USB keycard programmed to connect via the Internet to users’ desktop or server seamlessly, which provides the user immediate access to files, personalized environments, data, programs and applications.

Said differently, MyComputerKey™ allows a user to access his or her base computer from different locations utilizing the internet cloud through a separate computer (the “remote computer”).

CLDS‘ MyComputerKey™ has been in various forms of Beta for the last 3 Quarters. The latest version of the product is currently undergoing field tests and the results have exceeded the CLDS’s expectations.

In addition to MyComputerKey™, CLDS has also developed Secure IP to IP connection technology, MyTabletKey™ and MyMobilekey™.

CLDS recently filed a provisional patent for its new Secure IP to IP connection technology and intends to expand its Beta tests not only with MyComputerKey™, but also the aforementioned products currently under development.

The Key Advantages To CLDS‘ MyComputerKey™:

• Users always access their same, consistent and familiar desktop where all of their customized and personal applications and files reside
• No need for software installation on the remote computer and customization—just plug-in MyComputerKey™
• Enhances compliance, and audit capabilities, of Risk Management and Legal
• User desktop images can be backed up on hosting servers and restored in case of a disaster and existing corporate virus software provides continuous scans, monitoring, and virus protection against malware and virus attacks

There is an encryption between the host and remote computer as well as a paring feature between the connecting devices and all information is stored on basis of expiration, thus avoiding an unauthorized access or codes between the connecting computers.

MyComputerKey™ also includes CLDS‘ own connection software that provides the actual connection between the user’s desktop and the host computer the user is using to connect. This software is fully supportive in all Microsoft ™ based computers with quick installation and full security and protection for the computer.

About CLDS Stock

Cloud Star Corporation is an innovative cloud computing company that provides security, technology, and products to the technology marketplace. The Company operates in the remote-access computing sector including enhanced security connections. Cloud Star has developed patent-protected remote access security devices such as MyComputerKey™. The Company also develops online application security products with its partners.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/02/13 1.3900 +0.0500 +3.73% 518,300
04/01/13 1.3400 +0.1900 +16.52% 288,600
03/28/13 1.1500 +0.0900 +8.49% 231,500
03/27/13 1.0600 -0.3600 -25.35% 644,000
03/26/13 1.4200 +0.1200 +9.23% 851,600


Bottom Line: CLDS has been skyrocketing since we initially covered it (see here) and is soon to test the 2’s and possibly even the 3’s! Make sure CLDS is on your penny stocks to trade list – Don’t sleep on this one!!

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