Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Just Keeps On Climbing

ACGXIf the day ever came where we went on a hunt for a CEO to take over our company, the very first person we would call would be Steven St. Louis, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Directors for Alliance Creative Group, Inc. (ACGX). For 3 of the last 4 years, the printing, packaging and marketing company has posted revenues above $10,000,000 and St. Louis has been a major reason for that since taking on his post back in December, 2011. Although the OTC audience as a whole lacks the ability to see what an amazing accomplishment a feat like that is in such a cut-throat industry, traders who have been in ACGX stock since the start of the year are hoping it stays that way.

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Market Cap: 1.67M
Last: 0.0031 ▲ +0.0001 (+3.33%)
Volume: 12,226,346
Dollar Volume: $37,457
Open: 0.003
High: 0.0033
Low: 0.0029
Trades: 68
Authorized: 750,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 485,524,521
Float: 385,295,546
14-Day Rel Strength: 51.66%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0033
1st Support Level: 0.0029

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Alliance Creative Group is the kind of company that when they come to make a sales pitch at your firm, most employees would throw every excuse in the book out to avoid having to sit through it. Printing and packaging material just sounds so boring and mundane for most, but when it comes to making that brand stick that any company has worked so hard at building, these guys deliver the goods – from 6 different warehouse locations spread out around the U.S.

There are 4 different business segments to Alliance Creative group, all of which have their own niche in the industry. The most interesting, in our opinion, is their Print4ACause which donates 10% of every website order placed to the charity of the client’s choice. Whether it’s business cards, envelopes, appointment cards, labels, stickers, banners or customized greeting cards, the concept is brilliant because the more a client orders, the more Alliance Creative’s subsidiary will donate to the client’s cause.

Successfully racking up over revenues of over $10,000,000 in 3 of the last 4 years ($11,393,213 in 2010, $9,095,127 in 2011, $10,558,192 in 2012 and $10,769,757 in 2013), the growth Alliance Creative has experienced is evidenced in their total assets: $6,307,256 as of December 31, 2013 versus $5,913,268 a of December 31, 2012 – an increase of $393,988.

With sales seemingly stuck in the high $10 million range, a note within the annual report shows that they are still below full capacity. When speaking about the Trends driving our business model, Alliance Creative states that they are: printing more in-house and will continue to head in that direction as long as the positive results continue. If we are able to bring enough business in-house, we will look into expanding and enhancing our in-house machines and equipment.

Not being at full capacity is a good thing indicating that growth could easily occur having already established their ability to bring 8 figures a year in the door in 3 of the last 4 years and report positive net income in doing so. Why ACGX stock is under 0.01 – that’s one thing those who have been buying all year hope no one else ever tries to figure out.

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About ACGX Stock

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. is a printing, packaging, supply chain and brand management marketing company.

Click here to view the financial filings for ACGX.
Click here to view the website for Alliance Creative Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/27/14 0.0030 0.0033 0.0029 0.0031 +0.0001 +3.33% 12,226,300
03/26/14 0.0031 0.0033 0.0029 0.0030 -0.0003 -9.09% 10,258,700
03/25/14 0.0035 0.0035 0.0031 0.0033 -0.0002 -5.71% 6,026,700
03/24/14 0.0030 0.0035 0.0030 0.0035 +0.0004 +12.90% 20,146,500
03/21/14 0.0032 0.0034 0.0028 0.0031 -0.0001 -3.12% 24,721,600


Bottom Line:

ACGX is one of those penny stocks that you find every reason in the world to want to buy into, but for some reason, the lack of them not at least doing printing for some rolling paper company to indirectly included them in the marijuana sector hasn’t been able to grab folks’ attention. That’s quite alright because the one’s who have been smart enough to play it safe with ACGX stock are up as much as 82% since the start of the year. Testing 0.01 would be worth 222%.

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